Vince Hundt

International Sales Manager


About Vince Hundt

Thank you for your interest in Rotochopper equipment. I hope I can give you a helping hand as you pursue your business goals.

As co-founder of Rotochopper, Inc., I bring 35 years of experience in recycling, agriculture, forestry, landscape products, and biomass fuels. I grew up on a dairy farm in Western Wisconsin, attended UW-Madison, and started farming on my own in 1976. My experience in marketing equipment began in 1982 when I created a company on the farm called PCR Inc. and started importing and selling Scandinavian forestry equipment. In 1988 I invented, patented, manufactured, and began successfully marketing a Newspaper Bedding System that chopped and packaged recycled newspaper into saleable animal bedding. In 1990 I joined forces with Fred Peltz of Peltz Mfg., who then became the manufacturer of the newspaper bedding machines, and soon, a pallet shredder that quickly evolved into the famously successful Rotochopper MC266. In 2001 PCR Inc. and Peltz Mfg. merged to form Rotochopper, Inc.

I continue to operate my organic livestock farm in Wisconsin while serving Rotochopper on the Board of Directors, in Market Development, and handling selected international accounts.

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