Wood Chip Processors

Rotochopper wood chip processors turn dull tree chips into vibrant colored mulch in a single pass with a patented on-board colorizer, delivering the right size, texture, and color in a single pass.

Compact & Quick

A Rotochopper wood chip processor sets up in minutes to produce “Perfect In One Pass” colored or natural mulch.

Simplified Operation

We focused on customer input to develop a simplified system for turning wood chips from a liability into a profit center.

Select a machine to find the right wood chip processor for your business.

cp118 red mulch pile

Cash in Your Chips

The demand for colored landscape mulch continues to grow throughout the USA and much of the world. In many regions, colored mulch remains the most profitable market for wood waste after more than 20 years of development. Our exclusive grind and color technology helps you capitalize on this market opportunity with unmatched efficiency.

Diversify & Simplify

The CP-118 replaces the hassle of wood chip disposal with a revenue stream that lets you stay focused on your core business. Scaled to the needs of the tree care industry, the CP-118 packages our patented grind and color system into a machine that is compact enough to be towed with a pick-up truck. The CP-118 is unlike any other machine on the market but shares the same customer-centric engineering designed into every Rotochopper.

cp118 natural mulch
cp118 natural mulch brown mulch loading
I like the compact size of the CP-118. It's simple to operate and you can tow it with a pickup.

— Scott Wilson, Wheaton Mulch

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