Rotochopper grinding solutions convert a wide range of feedstocks into premium end products with “Perfect In One Pass” simplicity.


Through our commitment to “Perfect In One Pass” equipment solutions, we continue to develop new innovations for challenging grinding applications.


Our factory-direct customer support team provides world-class service and expert guidance to keep your grinding operation running at peak performance.


Through our commitment to customer success, we lead the industry in innovation, developing several industry firsts, patented features, and unique machines.

Colored Mulch Solutions

Rotochopper’s grind and color system is the only patented process that will simultaneously grind and color wood waste into vibrant colored mulch in one pass.

Maximize Quality & Minimize Costs

Rotochopper’s Power Application System (PAS) is the only patented in chamber colorizer since its launch in 1997. By reducing the number of machines and steps required to produce colored mulch, Rotochopper equipment dramatically lowers handling costs and spillage. This patented system injects water and colorant directly into the grinding chamber, using the force of the grinding process to thoroughly mix colorant into the wood fiber.

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cp118 red mulch other colored mulch piles

Customized to Fit Your Operation

Rotochopper grinders can produce vibrant colored mulch from pallets, wood chips, slabwood, green waste, sorted C & D and many other feedstocks. This unique system keeps you in control of particle size and texture, water application, and colorant usage. So you always get premium mulch at the lowest cost per cubic yard.

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"The mulch market is very competitive and the mulch we produce with our Rotochopper cannot be matched in quality. We offer superior mulch because our MP-2 makes a consistent product in one pass."

— Fred Vrugteveen, Niagara Pallet

Advanced Technology

Our Generation 2 Colorizer enhances the benefits of the Rotochopper colorizer and increases throughput capacity without compromising mulch quality. Colorant only turns on when there is material in the grinding chamber and shuts off when it is empty. RotoLink monitoring system allows you to track production rates and monitor and adjust key components, like water & colorant. We are continuously innovating based on customer feedback to ensure we have the best product available for our customers.

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