Field Day 2020

Please join us in Charlotte, NC for a day of equipment demonstrations, networking and invaluable learning hosted by Rotochopper. This exclusive VIP event will provide you with the opportunity to see the latest innovations that Rotochopper has to offer and how partnering with our team will make your business more profitable and sustainable. We look forward to welcoming you as our guest. Discover what’s possible for your operation at Field Day 2020!


Event Details

December 10th, 2020
10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Novem Waste
1801 Cottonwood St, Charlotte, NC 28206

We want this day to be safe in every way. Safety around the machines is one aspect of this, and we will have safety gear available for all. In addition, we have planned the event around the reality of the coronavirus. The event will be spread out over a large outdoor area so we don’t expect there to be any issue, but if you wish to wear a mask, we will have them available.

Event Schedule

10:00:  Introduction and Opening Remarks
10:20:  Machine Demos
11:50:  Lunch
12:30:  Machine Demos
2:00:    Dismissal

Exclusive Technology, Exclusive Advantages!

Field Day will showcase what’s possible with the power and support of Rotochopper. We’ll be grinding a variety of wood and green waste with the B-66 L-Series, FP-66, and 75 & 95 DK Shredder. Various features & benefits on these machines will be demonstrated. If there are certain functions or aspects of the machines that you are interested, don’t hesitate to ask Jody, Charlie, Jason, Will or any Rotochopper staff.

b66l organic compost grinding
fp66 horizontal grinder pallet scrap

Versatility & Precision Grinding

Rotochopper grinding solutions convert a wide range of feed stocks into premium end products. There will be a number of feed stocks to create a variety of finished products, including:

  • Green Waste/Primary Grind
  • Pallets/Mulch & Playground Cushion
  • Regrind/Natural Mulch
  • Regrind/Colored Mulch

Space is limited & Registration is required

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Have Questions About Field Day?

Contact Jody Parker at 804-254-4140 or
Charlie Hartt at 804-254-4140 or
Jason Koskinen at 804-254-4140 or
Will DaPron at 206-484-9643 or

“This is a great event if you are interested in purchasing, upgrading, or adding to your grinder fleet. It was clear to me why Rotochopper has grown in the grinder industry after seeing their facility, meeting their employees, and watching their machines grind different types of feedstocks not only efficiently but most importantly resulting in a quality end product.”
– James Jutrzonka, Blue Ribbon Organics

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