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10 Years of the B-66

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b66td pallets red mulch B66td in the woods chipper package land clearing fan side b66 horizontal grinder asphalt shingles
b66td pallets red mulch B66td in the woods chipper package land clearing fan side b66 horizontal grinder asphalt shingles

Ten years ago, the B-66 set a whole new standard for high-volume precision grinding.

When we created the Rotochopper name 25 years ago, we set the standard for precision grinding technology. Ten years ago, we raised our own bar when we launched the B-66 horizontal grinder. The B-66 quickly became a popular choice for high volume grinding applications because it scaled up the “Perfect In One Pass” simplicity our customers had come to expect from Rotochopper.

Exclusive Features Designed for High-Volume Grinding


Yet the B-66 was not simply a bigger version of our smaller grinders. The B-66 also introduced several unique features that would become hallmarks of the Rotochopper advantage, such as the patented replaceable mount rotor and concentric powerfeed lift.

Need Electric?

The electric-powered B-66 E has followed the B-66 in setting the standard for high throughput grinding efficiency within static or semi-static grinding operations.

Engineered for Engineered Results

The B-66 was unique from the start. It continues to stand apart from other grinders in its class today because it is designed for high volume grinding, without sacrificing the ability to make high quality end products.

Ten years after the launch of the B-66, we are still continuing to raise the bar, adding new features and redesigning old favorites to keep you in control of your engineered fiber specifications.

  • Bigger throat opening
  • More engine options
  • Remote monitoring system

10 Years of the B-66 and 25 Years of Rotochopper

The ten year anniversary of the B-66 is also the 25th year of Rotochopper. Ask your regional Rotochoppper representative what else we have been working on to expand our lineup of innovative grinding solutions.

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