2020 Year in Review

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2020 year in review

Looking back at 2020…

To be honest, 2020 threw us a curveball, it was not what any of us expected or planned for. Like many individuals and companies that had to adjust plans, celebrations and gatherings Rotochopper was no exception. We had hoped to host big celebrations for our company’s 30th anniversary and our 10th annual Demo Day. However, there have still been many reasons to celebrate this memorable year even if we did not get to celebrate these occasions as we had planned to.

Rotochopper celebrated our 30th year anniversary in 2020. Co-founder Vince Hundt reminisces about how the company came to be. “Rotochopper came into existence 30 years ago by inventing a machine and creating a market to solve a problem. The problem was how to find a profitable use for old newspaper. The machinery and the market idea solved the problem, and everyone benefited including Rotochopper, waste haulers, and the farmers who bought the paper bedding.

Next Rotochopper invented machinery and developed a market to solve the problem of disposing of billions of used pallets. The machinery and the market idea were a success for everyone involved. Rotochopper has continued this pattern of innovating to solve a problem, which has become our company culture.”

We celebrated being an essential business. Throughout 2020, we were able to remain open, keeping our employees employed, and continue to manufacture world-class grinding equipment for our customers. We were also able to continue servicing our customers when they needed us.

A silver lining amidst all the uncertainty, was the increase in outdoor landscaping projects being completed by homeowners, which increased demand for our customer’s products like mulch and colored mulch. Several our customers have even said it was one of their busiest years to date.

Like many of you we also took on a landscaping project. This fall we also completed some updates to the landscaping at our facility, adding a commemorative display that includes a restored EP-56 that was originally manufactured in 1991. The display honors and celebrates Rotochopper’s late co-founder Fred Peltz.

Smaller gathering requirements inspired us to host more casual regional Field Days throughout the US in place of our annual Demo Day event in St. Martin, MN. These events were held in the Great Lakes region in August, in Texas in October, and the final 2020 Field Day in our Mid-Atlantic territory in December. We showcased our equipment and its grinding capabilities with a variety of materials for prospects and customers alike.

This spring we were able to celebrate a new partnership. We partnered with Superior Conveyors to offer another product line to our customers. The conveyor or feed hopper conveyor systems have the ability to quickly and easily deliver quantities of bulk material. We are excited for the opportunities this additional offering from Rotochopper will provide to our customers to make their businesses more efficient and profitable in the future.

As 2020 comes to a close, Vince Hundt reflects on our 30th birthday, “For 30 years the people of Central Minnesota, who are Rotochopper, have been inventing and building machines that solve problems and create profits for everyone involved. The #1 article of our mission statement is to “Keep our customers happy.” With 30 years of continuous company growth, it is another Happy Birthday, and we intend to keep on inventing and making people happy for another 30 years.”

Tosh Brinkerhoff, Rotochopper CEO said, “The best is yet to come!  We remain excited and ready to build on the legacy that our company founders created.  Our team is strong, and the passion, energy and expertise of our people will empower growth and innovation for the next 30 years.”

Rotochopper continues to thrive through the hard work & dedication of our employees, partners, and customers. Even though this year of 2020 was different for all of us – we hope you were also able to find things to celebrate along the way, and some silver linings in the uncertainty of the situation. And of course, we wish you only the best as we look forward to 2021 and even more to accomplish and celebrate.

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