Top 3 Benefits of Working with a Factory-Direct Company

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3 Benefits of Factory Direct

Rotochopper’s factory-direct model offers unique benefits in an industry full of dealers. We are focused exclusively on Rotochopper equipment, allowing us to provide expert guidance for you and your operation.

Uniquely Focused on You

Rotochopper was founded on the idea of creating a better solution to a problem at hand. Building on our industry expertise, extensive experience and invaluable customer input, Rotochopper continues to embrace this philosophy. When it comes to our customers and meeting their needs, we approach each conversation, inquiry and machine order the same way – with the goal of providing our customers with the best solution to meet their specific needs.

As a factory-direct company, we have the best R & D team in the industry – Rotochopper customers. Focusing on one brand lets us focus engineering resources exclusively on the goals of customers and the need to convert waste materials into valuable products. There’s no middleman – just a direct feedback loop between your goals and the next Rotochopper innovation.

Located across the globe, the Rotochopper sales team brings a depth and breadth of knowledge to every customer conversation and interaction. With a singular focus on Rotochopper machines their insight goes beyond machine specs and features – they work to understand your business, and your business goals and determine how Rotochopper can best meet them. Our approach is not only to solve the problem at hand, but to anticipate the best fit as you look ahead as well.

Expert Service Focused on One Brand

Providing extraordinary customer support to every Rotochopper customer has long been a key to our success and is a value that we do not take lightly. Our top priority is our customers, which we support by providing a knowledgeable and accessible customer service team, by minimizing your downtime through service visits and timely part distributions, and most importantly, by knowing your Rotochopper machine inside and out.

Additionally, every member of our service team spends time in the field, whether they are based out of the factory or their territory office, so when they arrive at your location – you can trust that their expertise and knowledge will meet your expectations.

We provide factory training with each Rotochopper purchase to ensure that you and your team are prepared to perform routine daily maintenance and operate your Rotochopper equipment. In addition to setup training, we are committed to providing our customers with the tools to help them safely and efficiently operate their machines, so we’ve created a Rotochopper University library of “How-to” videos and Tip Sheets sharing best practices for routine maintenance procedures on Rotochopper equipment.

Our Commitment to You as an Employee-Owned Company

Rotochopper employees hold a unique position in the success of Rotochopper and of our customers. Through our employee ownership approach, team members are invested in the Rotochopper brand and have an ownership stake in the future of the recycling industry and the long-term success of each customer. Our employees focus on customer success as a benchmark for our own success.

Employee ownership means a stake in the technology, quality, and service we deliver. It means we are committed to exceptional quality and value in everything we do. As a factory-direct company, we see first-hand how excellence in manufacturing and customer support drives customer success.

Our Success Lives in Your Success

At Rotochopper we work to build partnerships with our customers, not only by providing them with quality equipment, but through collaborative relationships with our factory-direct sales and support teams. We view each Rotochopper customer as part of the Rotochopper family and continuously work to maximize their success.

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