3 Signs an Electric Grinder Would be Right for Your Operation

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Electric vs diesel? Consider these simple criteria when determining which option would be the best fir for your operation.
Electric grinders have many advantages over diesel grinders, some of them obvious (cost of electricity vs diesel fuel), some of them subtle and more complex (uptime vs downtime). But before you even compare diesel to electric, you have the far simpler task of determining whether an electric grinder can work for your operation. In most cases, if your business fits the following criteria, an electric grinder will probably beat a diesel where it matters most—the cost per ton or cubic yard of finished product.

1. A Fixed Material Handling Process

If your material flow comes from a fixed location, such as a picking line, you have already eliminated one of the typcial advantages of a diesel engine, which is portability. But you may still have the necessity of a diesel engine. See numbers 2 and 3.

2. Access to 3-Phase Power

If your facility does not currently have access to 3-phase electricity, you may be eligible for an upgrade from your power supplier. The cost savings of electric vs diesel may quickly pay for the cost of the upgrade. Plus, you may be eligible for savings offered by power companies for soft starts and other components that reduce amp surges.

3. A Fixed Location or Limited Set of Locations

If you don’t need to move from site to site and you meet the criteria above, you probably have no need for the stand-alone power of a diesel engine. Even if you need to switch between a pre-determined set of locations, a semi-portable electric grinder might be the best solution.

Semi-portable vs stationary? Learn how a trailer-mounted electric grinder compares to a stationary electric grinder.

The Right Match for Your Grinding Needs

If these 3 criteria match your operation, an electric grinder may be the best solution for your business goals. Your Rotochopper regional representative is an expert in electric grinders. Let us get to know your business goals and determine the best solution Rotochopper can provide for you.

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