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Industrial shredders, including commercial and mobile shredders, are essential equipment for processing wood waste, green waste, and other materials in various industries. At Rotochopper, our line of shredders includes the 75 DK and 95 DK models, which provide versatility and efficiency to reduce costs and increase productivity within your operation. 

Uses and Benefits of Industrial Shredders 

Industries today rely on shredders as vital equipment because they can process a variety of materials quickly and efficiently. Shredders can tackle wood waste and green waste, as well as a selection of tougher contaminated feedstocks, including construction and demolition debris, railroad ties, telephone poles, and municipal solid waste.  

Using Rotochopper’s shredders, many operations in the C&D, compost, biomass, and pallet industries have improved their versatility and efficiency. Some operations use shredders as standalone machines to reduce material size, making it easier to transport or process further. Others use them to pre-shred material before feeding it into a horizontal grinder, reducing the number of contaminants that could potentially cause damage to their equipment. 

Rotochopper shredders, including electric shredders and diesel wood waste shredders, are designed to be fuel-efficient. With low fuel consumption, these shredders offer significant savings over time, making them a cost-effective solution for waste reduction. With multiple rotor configurations and add-on options like breaker bars and cross-belt magnets, Rotochopper shredders can be customized to meet your operation’s unique needs.  

Rotochopper’s 75 DK Shredder 

The Rotochopper 75 DK shredder is a powerful, compact shredder designed to process various materials, including contaminated or mixed waste. This shredder is an efficient and cost-effective solution for waste reduction. It also offers rotor options and configuration versatility, allowing operators to tailor the machine to their specific use cases. 

The 75 DK is also available as an electric shredder, which maintains consistent results and superior loading capacity, making it an ideal choice for operations requiring high productivity and efficiency while saving even more on fuel. See how Hope Timber Mulch, a Rotochopper customer, streamlined their loading process, reduced maintenance, and increased their productivity with the 75 DK here. 

Rotochopper’s 95 DK 

Rotochopper’s 95 DK shredder offers outstanding performance, power, and versatility in grinding operations. The 95 DK features a massive rotor assembly with the largest cutting surface in its class, providing unmatched capacity for processing even the toughest materials. Additionally, the 95 DK shredder is highly customizable, with different rotor configurations to match different material needs. 

This shredder can grind a wide variety of materials, making it an ideal choice for grinding operations requiring greater flexibility and higher demand. In recent demonstrations, the 95 DK has even been successfully used for large chunks of wood, stumps, and logs—check it out in action here. 

The Rotochopper Difference 

Shredder Service 

Rotochopper’s shredder product line is backed by our service, support, and expertise in the industries we serve, including wood waste processing, green waste recycling, construction and demolition, and more. As a factory direct company, we know the intricacies of the shredders we sell. 

We understand the importance of timely service to the success of your business. With service technicians across the world, we work quickly to diagnose problems, replace critical parts, and complete any service needs, doing whatever we can to get your operation back up and running.  

Customized Solutions for Grinding Operations 

In addition to shredders, Rotochopper offers a variety of products, including grinders, screeners, conveyors, and more. Our factory-direct team evaluates each operation to provide a customized solution for their unique needs. Whether you need industrial shredders for high-volume waste reduction or mobile shredders for on-site grinding, we have the expertise and equipment to help. 

Contact one of our sales representatives today to discuss your operation’s needs and find the best shredder for you. 

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