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In many industries, versatility is key to success. In the waste reduction business, versatility means having the equipment to process a wide variety of feedstocks—no matter how tough or abrasive.

The more diverse feedstocks your operation can handle, the more you can help reduce the impact of wood waste on the environment. With the right waste reduction equipment, your operation can tackle contaminated waste and offer a wider selection of secondary products, satisfying customers and boosting your operation’s profits. Specialized machinery can also help you meet strict industry size standards for products like compost and wood chips.

The Rotochopper DK Shredder Series

Shredders are designed to tackle contaminated waste streams—municipal solid waste (MSW) or construction and demolition (C&D) waste, for example. Whether it’s nails or railroad spikes, tramp metal and other ungrindables can cause serious damage to horizontal grinding equipment. To avoid costly repairs and mitigate the risk of a breakdown, shredders can be used to pre-process the feedstock.

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Slow-speed, high-torque shredders are the first step in creating high-quality products out of contaminated waste. Rotochopper DK Series Shredders are engineered to handle a variety of contaminated materials, including:

  • Railroad ties
  • C&D waste
  • MSW
  • Telephone poles
  • Caple spools

Finding Versatility with Rotochopper DK Shredders

Rotochopper 75 and 95 DK Shredders were specifically designed to provide the versatility operators need to find success. With the ability to shred even the most abrasive materials, our shredders serve the waste, pallet, C&D, compost, and biomass industries.

Adaptable Twin-Rotor Cutting Systems

The Twin Rotor Cutting System aggressively shreds feedstock with synchronously running rotors, crushers, rippers, and scrapers. Rotochopper also offers several cutting systems, so you can tailor operations to whatever feedstock you’re handling:

  • Waste wood fine rotors
  • Waste wood rough rotors
  • C&D/MSW solid waste rotors

Lower Operation and Repair Costs

The DK Shredders optimize feedstock for grinding by removing metal and reducing the initial size. Pre-processed feedstock can then pass through a horizontal grinder with additional efficiency and with a reduced chance of damage to the rotor and teeth.

Mobile and Easy to Operate

Thanks to the robust track chassis feature, the DK Shredders can easily navigate over rough terrain, allowing your operation to tackle a wider variety of jobs. Controls feature a touchscreen interface and dual remote system for intuitive operation.

Options to Meet Your Needs

No matter the needs of your operation, Rotochopper DK Shredders can be customized with optional features:

  • Adjustable cross belt magnet to remove metal
  • Rotor configurations to fit specific applications
  • Breaker bar options

To learn more about how Rotochopper Shredders can streamline your operation, check out our case study on Novem Industries.

Ready to improve your operation’s versatility? Contact a Rotochopper sales representative today to learn how a DK Shredder can fit into your grinding system.

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