Fast Facts: C & D is the Biggest Waste Stream in the USA by Weight

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c d outweights other waste streams c d largest waste stream
c d outweights other waste streams c d largest waste stream
With approximately 476 million tons generated annually, construction and demolition debris is the largest waste stream by weight. This total includes bridge and road construction debris, as well as building material scrap.

Much of this waste stream is easily recyclable: wood waste, asphalt pavement, steel and other metals, and asphalt roofing shingles, among many other materials. Some of these materials have long histories of recycling. Asphalt pavement, for example, is the most recycled material in the USA by percentage. At a recycling rate of approximately 99%, asphalt pavement easily beats out the materials that exemplify recycling in the popular imagination, such as aluminum cans (a meager 55%).

C & D waste materials represent an enormous success and an enormous opportunity. The C & D waste handling industry continues to make big strides in recovery and recycling rates. Some of the most successful initiatives are also among the simplest, such as integrating an electric grinder into an existing sorting system, like this customer with a Rotochopper grinding in a bunker.

If you’re in the C & D recycling business, what are you doing to increase your recycling rates or your efficiencies? How can we help? Contact us today to start the conversation.


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