Fast Facts: 95% of Packaged Goods in the USA Are Shipped on Pallets

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pallets junk to profits pallets 93 percent wood
pallets junk to profits pallets 93 percent wood
Ninety-five percent of all U.S. packaged products are shipped on pallets, 93 percent of which are made from wood.
If you are eating it, reading this web post on it, or sitting on it, chances are pretty good that it spend part of its journey to you on a pallet made of wood. It may have traveled on several pallets as it was shuffled between facilities and modes of transport.

Wooden Pallets: Versatile & Dependable

95% of products in the USA shipped on pallets.
Chances are also pretty good that the pallets used to ship the items surrounding you right now have carried much more than just these items; pallets are typically re-used many times before they must be taken out of circulation for repair or recycling.

Pallet Recycling

Chances are pretty good that, when the wooden pallets used to ship these products become unusable and unfixable, they will get turned into landscape mulchboiler fuelanimal bedding, or other products.

The ease of recycling pallets is one of many reasons why wood pallets continue to dominate the market over plastic pallets and other options. Pallets made from other materials, including plastic, steel, and cardboard, certainly have advantages for shipping specific products, but they can’t match the versatility of the wooden pallet when it comes to the end of service life.

The unmatched efficiency of turning junk pallets into products with a Rotochopper grinder is one of many reasons why Rotochopper continues to dominate the pallet recycling market.

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