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A Rotochopper service technician servicing a horizontal grinder.

When it comes to choosing a horizontal grinder, it’s not just about picking the grinder that suits your company’s needs—it’s also about partnering with a company you can trust to support you long after the sale is finished. When you experience a breakdown, need replacement parts, or need to address wear, those problems cut into your productivity, uptime, and profits. Getting your horizontal grinder the efficient service it needs is necessary for your business’ success, so you want to be sure the company you buy from is ready and willing to support you when you need it most.

At Rotochopper, our customers are our family, and that means every member of our team is just as dedicated to your company’s success as you are. When you partner with us, you gain access to the resources and expert personnel you need to get back up and running quickly.

Superior Service

Requesting and receiving service for your Rotochopper horizontal grinder couldn’t be easier.

With Rotochopper technicians available to travel around the world, our team can get to you quickly, bringing the expertise that only comes with working for a factory-direct company.

The knowledge of third-party distributors often falls flat when it comes to providing efficient service for your horizontal grinder and advice on optimizing your business. As a factory-direct company, our service technicians know our machines down to the very last bolt, allowing them to quickly diagnose problems, assess wear, and identify necessary replacements.

At Rotochopper, we’re dedicated to maximizing the success of every customer—that’s why we created the Rotochopper Preventative Maintenance Program. With the option of individual or regularly scheduled visits, our service technicians will make sure your equipment is operating at peak performance with a comprehensive, customized checkup. In addition, they’ll make sure you and your operators are familiar with best practices for keeping your grinder running smoothly and reducing downtime.

Rotochopper Parts Ordering

In addition to ordering over the phone, partnering with Rotochopper allows you to conveniently order replacement wear parts for your horizontal grinder online. Using the Rotochopper online parts store, Rotochopper customers can access their account and order the necessary teeth, screen, and hardware for their machinery. Parts are delivered in a timely manner and ordering information is logged in your account to streamline every order after the first.

When it comes down to it, quality of service can make or break your operation’s productivity. No one wants to expect the worst, but obstacles like breakdowns and wear are inevitable, so make sure the company you partner with will support you when the going gets tough.

Need horizontal grinder service? Request a visit online, or contact us to learn more about Rotochopper’s service programs.


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