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Since the 1990s, Rotochopper has offered grinding solutions that prioritize precision and simplicity. While our business has grown to service international customers, we maintain quality equipment and customer satisfaction as our core values. Whether your operation is established or recently started, whether you’re entering the mulch or RAS market, Rotochopper is the partner you want on your side.

The Factory-Direct Advantage

As a factory-direct company, Rotochopper understands the value of designing, manufacturing, and selling Rotochopper equipment as a wholistic approach. We know every component of our baggers, wood chip processors, and grinders because we’ve been there since their conception and through every innovation and update.

Third-party distributor sales people may not truly know the machines they’re selling. They can make suggestions based on what they’ve been told, but they lack the industry or company-specific insight that comes only from working factory-direct. Rotochopper sales representatives are intimately familiar with all of our equipment and their optimal uses, so customers can rest easy knowing we base our recommendations on years of knowledge and experience. No matter the size of your operation, we’re committed to finding the grinding solution you need to run smoothly.

At Rotochopper, we’re always looking for ways to increase our equipment’s efficiency by developing new and improving old technology. While our company has grown substantially from our humble beginnings, we remain committed to the idea at the core of our founding: transforming waste materials through sustainable solutions.

Being a factory-direct company allows us to personally hear feedback from customers, which we use, in turn, to improve our equipment and streamline operations. Our engineers and fabricators are able to see first-hand how their advancements affect a company’s success, and as an employee-owned business, they’re as invested in your satisfaction as you are.

Service for Operations of Any Size

Whether you’re expanding your business, diversifying your products, or just dipping your toes into the waste reduction industry, Rotochopper has the equipment you need. Our grinders handle high volumes of feedstock with minimal downtime, and they’re built to keep up with your operation’s growth.

Even after becoming an international supplier of grinders and shredders, we have and will always continue to make timely, high-quality service a priority. Because our service reps are so familiar with our equipment, they can easily diagnose problems, fix breakdowns, and identify parts that require replacement. Our online parts store makes finding replacements easy—we even offer next-day shipping if the piece you need can’t be found locally.

Whether large or small, Rotochopper understands your operation is your livelihood—you need to be up and running as soon as possible. Our employees are dedicated to making that happen because they understand your success is their success. For more information, visit us online, or contact a service representative today.

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