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Rotochopper B66L grinding tree care waste

For tree care professionals, managing brown and green waste is one of the biggest challenges in the industry. Traditional disposal methods like burning are environmentally unfriendly, heavily regulated, or even banned in some areas. Landfills are another option for disposal, but with millions of tons of wood waste delivered to landfills each year, it’s also not an eco-friendly choice. In addition, tipping fees add up for tree care professionals, cutting into profits. 

There is a growing demand for sustainable solutions that are both cost-effective and ecologically responsible. Many tree care professionals are turning to commercial tree-grinding solutions, like those provided by Rotochopper, Inc. By grinding tree waste into a usable mulch product, professionals can create a profitable revenue source while reducing waste and protecting the environment. 

Turning Waste Into Profit With Grinding Solutions 

As a factory-direct company, Rotochopper engineers and manufactures a variety of diesel and electric grinders to fit tree care operations of various sizes, offering a sustainable and profitable way to manage tree care waste. By grinding brown and green waste, operations can produce a valuable secondary product, like compost additive, biomass fuel, or colored landscape mulch.  

Rotochopper horizontal grinders are designed with efficiency in mind, capable of processing different sizes of tough wood waste without sacrificing the quality and consistency of the end product. By grinding waste on-site, tree care professionals can save on disposal costs and transportation fees. In addition, our retail bagging system offers a simplified way to bag and seal the end product. 

Grind and Color with Rotochopper Equipment 

For operations interested in producing landscaping mulch, Rotochopper horizontal grinders can be paired with our colorizer system to grind and color in one pass. This increases your operation’s uptime, saves you money, and creates a valuable secondary product that can be sold at a premium price. 

Colored mulch continues to be a highly profitable end use for wood chips, and Rotochopper’s specialized equipment makes it easy to efficiently turn wood waste into premium landscaping mulch. Rotochopper’s CP-118 Wood Chip Processor is a compact, mobile solution designed to produce a consistent end product in a single pass. Operators can use our MT 175 and 237 Trommel Screens to separate fines from their end product, further improving size consistency and color uniformity. The MT series is compatible with Rotochopper’s colorizer system, so tree care professionals can maximize the efficiency of their colored landscape mulch production.   

Expand Your Opportunities with Rotochopper 

With Rotochopper’s wide range of grinding equipment, your tree care operation can find the solutions you need to grind, color, bag, and sell high-quality landscaping mulch. Contact one of our sales representatives to learn more about how you can save on tipping fees, increase profits, and help protect the environment by reducing wood waste.  

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