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Rotochopper conveyor system on a horizontal grinding site

For many horizontal grinding operations, conveyors are critical players in ensuring success. With numerous customizable conveyor system options, you have the ability to optimize your entire operational solution with the right conveyor integration. 

Rotochopper offers a variety of conveyor options, and our sale representatives have the industry expertise to help you decide which is best for your operation. 

How to Pick the Right Conveyor for Your Operation 

Investing in a Rotochopper conveyor system can revolutionize your production process through improved efficiency, decreased material handling, and cost reduction. With plenty of options, there’s a Rotochopper conveyor system that fits the needs of every operation. 

Choose Between Radial Conveyors and Non-Radial Conveyors  

Both radial and non-radial conveyors can help your operation reduce unnecessary material handling, decreasing the cost of additional labor and equipment. Choosing between them—or choosing the right combination of the two—will depend on how you intend to use them within your operation. 

Non-radial conveyors are particularly useful for transporting feedstock, whether that’s to a truck or to another piece of equipment in the material handling process. Radial conveyors are specifically designed to blend and distribute materials evenly while stacking, improving the finished product’s size and color consistency. Additionally, radial conveyors allow you to sort your end product by size or color without needing to move your equipment beyond the simple radial rotation of the conveyor. 

Specification Options to Fit Your Operation: Mobility, Height, and More 

Rotochopper offers a variety of conveyor options to meet the unique needs of our customers, including various lengths up to 100’. In addition, our dump heights range from 21′ 4″ to 33′ 11″, allowing customers to efficiently and effectively transition materials for their particular application. 

Rotochopper conveyors have mobility options to help your operation find the efficiency it’s seeking. Choose between our tracked, wheeled, and manual models to improve your handling of bulk material and reduce additional labor costs.  

We also provide customized solutions for unique applications that require higher capacities, greater throughputs, longer reaches, more reliable operation, and minimized maintenance. 

Reduce Workplace Safety Hazards 

Investing in a high-quality conveyor system can also significantly reduce workplace safety hazards. Stacking material is traditionally done with a loader, putting operators in dangerous positions while traversing uneven ground. Driving a loader over piles of material can also cause a serious fire hazard as the material is condensed and friction is increased. 

With the advanced technology and expertise of Rotochopper, you can ensure that your workplace operates more efficiently and safely. 

Improve Your Horizontal Grinding Operation With Rotochopper Conveyors 

Rotochopper’s extensive knowledge and experience in the industry provide a valuable resource for customers seeking to optimize their conveyor systems. By offering a range of options with different sizes, configurations, and feature specifications, Rotochopper is committed to helping customers find the best solution that meets their unique needs and overall business goals.  

With Rotochopper’s factory-direct guidance, customers can make informed decisions about their conveyor system, improving efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Contact one of our sale representatives today to learn more about Rotochopper’s conveyors. 


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