Safety and Efficiency Advantages of Using a Rotochopper® Conveyor System

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Rotochopper radial conveyor piling ground wood

Since our company’s start, safety has been a vital part of Rotochopper’s culture. Taking safety precautions when working with heavy grinding equipment comes naturally. Being prepared with the right equipment, precautions, and training, can help reduce or even eliminate safety hazards entirely.

Safety is top-of-mind with every piece of equipment we produce at Rotochopper. Our conveyor systems were designed specifically to remedy some of the unique safety hazards on the grinding site, as well as boost the efficiency of the operation in general.

The Dangers of Stacking with a Loader

On many grinding sites, skid steers or backhoes are used to push and pile the product after it’s been ground, but this method presents a number of dangers. If the loader is driven onto one of the piles of ground product, the loader could be put in a precarious position, endangering the driver and risking damage to the machine.

Driving the loader up and down the pile also causes the material to condense. If enough friction is produced as the loader moves over the material, this can lead to the entire pile catching on fire. Fire safety is especially important in the grinding industry, and operators should take every precaution to ensure the safety of their equipment, their product, and above all else, their employees.

How Rotochopper’s Conveyor Systems Boost Safety and Efficiency

One of the easiest ways to reduce these safety hazards is to invest in a quality conveyor system, like Rotochopper’s 365R Tracked Radial Conveyor. Conveyor systems can safely pile your end product away from other equipment, minimizing fire hazards and uneven work terrain. Oscillating conveyors, like Rotochopper’s 365R and 480R Radial Conveyors, perfectly blend and evenly distribute your material while stacking, improving the size and color consistency of your finished product.

When compared to a loader, conveyor systems are not only safer—they’re also more efficient and cost effective. Using a conveyor, you can eliminate the need for a loader, the labor costs of a loader operator, and unnecessary material handling.

Rotochopper provides tailor-made solutions for your operation’s material handling inefficiencies like only a factory-direct company can. Our conveyor systems are designed specifically to meet the needs of customers across wide variety of industries, all while maximizing safety and efficiency. Contact a Rotochopper sales representative to find the conveyor system that’s right for your horizontal grinding operation.

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