The Rotochopper® B-66L Horizontal Grinder Handles Tough Land Clearing Jobs

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The Rotochopper B-66L on a land clearing job site.

Like every industry Rotochopper serves, the land clearing industry comes with unique challenges: high volumes of feedstock to process, varying wood densities, and often difficult terrain. Whether their goal is to create a secondary product or simple waste reduction, companies need a horizontal grinder that will streamline their operation, handling tough land clearing jobs with ease.

As a factory-direct company, the Rotochopper team has the opportunity to hear feedback directly from our customers and incorporate it into each new model of our equipment. It’s that process that allowed us to optimize the Rotochopper B-66L to serve the land clearing industry and help operations across the country find success. The B-66L has several unique features and is backed by complete Rotochopper support, making it the perfect machine to tackle difficult land clearing jobs.

Durable and Efficient

The B-66L was built with efficiency in mind, allowing land clearing professionals to easily process logs and other organic materials into profitable end products. From the very beginning of the grinding process, the steel slat infeed conveyor prevents unnecessary spillage as the material is loaded. Funneled infeed hopper sides reduce drag from even the toughest and densest feedstocks. In addition, Rotochopper’s patented screen change system means operators can quickly change the B-66L’s screen, which is especially useful if you’re trying to meet specific particle size standards for a secondary product.

The B-66L produces up to 1,050 gross horsepower and is tough enough for some of the most abrasive feedstocks. Thanks to the concentric serrated cleat powerfeed, the B-66L aggressively pulls material into the grinding chamber. The 38” throat opening is large enough to accommodate large logs, tree stumps, and brush, grinding dense, rough feedstocks with ease.

Through help from customer feedback, the Rotochopper B-66L was designed to last through your most difficult jobs, equipped with wear liners, a bolt-in anvil, a 24-tooth rotor and 2” thick drum, and a reinforced case.


Land clearing jobs often involve grading and leveling, so it’s not uncommon for job sites to be located on difficult, uneven terrain. Logging and land clearing horizontal grinders need to be tough enough to trek over natural bumps and lumps. Thankfully, the B-66L can be configured with the Rotochopper track and dolly system for seamless transition between highway transport and job sites.

While the traditional process of loading and unloading a horizontal grinder onto a lowboy trailer can take up valuable uptime, the track and dolly system allows grinders to be loaded and secured in a matter of minutes. With the same road clearance as a lowboy, the track and dolly system allows your operation to tackle custom grinding jobs further away from your facility.

While on the job, the Rotochopper B-66L’s crawler tracks easily handle rough terrain without compromising maneuverability. Rather than transporting your feedstock to your grinder and decreasing uptime, you can move your grinder to your feedstock. The B-66L can also be paired with one of Rotochopper’s conveyor systems to pile feedstock a safe distance away from the rest of your equipment.

Rotochopper Support

Besides being one of the toughest horizontal grinders on the market, Rotochopper also offers unmatched, factory-direct support for the B-66L. The B-66L comes standard with our remote monitoring system, RotoLink®, which allows operators to view real-time telematics to further improve their operational efficiency. The B-66L can also be equipped with other optional Rotochopper technology, such as:

  • RotoLoadScan™, our volumetric scanning system, which measures high-accuracy output rates in real time
  • The Gen II Colorizer, which allows land clearing professionals to easily convert their feedstock into colored mulch
  • The StopWatch system, our damage protection system, which prevents ungrindable material from causing severe damage within the grinding chamber, increasing the durability of your B-66L

To learn more about how the Rotochopper B-66L horizontal grinder can help your operation tackle the toughest land clearing jobs, contact one of our expert sales representatives.

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