RotoLink®, Telematics, and the Total Cost of Ownership

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Whether you realize it or not, you’ve probably considered the total cost of ownership of your horizontal grinder. Total cost of ownership, or TCO, is exactly what it sounds like—an assessment of your grinder’s overall cost throughout the course of its entire lifespan. Calculating TCO involves considering a wide variety of factors, including the initial purchase price, maintenance and repair costs, and production levels of your grinder.

It’s especially important to consider TCO when adding a new piece of equipment to your operation or upgrading an older grinder. Not only can it help you make the most cost-effective choice and evaluate resale value, but TCO can also help you analyze the value of your grinder on a long-term scale. When comparing two options, for instance, a larger initial investment may be off-putting, but if the more expensive machine has an overall lower TCO, it’s a better choice in the long run.

Even if you’re not currently in the market for a new horizontal grinder, understanding your current grinder’s TCO can still help you improve the effectiveness and productivity of your operation. What’s more, when you partner with Rotochopper, you have the opportunity to analyze and improve your horizontal grinder’s TCO using telematics provided by RotoLink®

RotoLink® Telematics

Rotochopper’s remote monitoring system, RotoLink®, was designed with our customers in mind, allowing users to conveniently access the detailed telematics of their horizontal grinder. Using RotoLink™, operators can view real-time data, like grinding hours and rotor vibration, as well as track the lifespan of wear parts and keep up with preventative maintenance tasks.

Monitoring your horizontal grinder’s operating costs and remedying inefficiencies is the best way to decrease your grinder’s TCO. For example, tracking your machine’s idle hours can help you minimize downtime and boost production, and tracking wear parts can prevent small, regular maintenance tasks from turning into expensive repairs. While seemingly small, those differences add up to a lower total cost of ownership, boosting your productivity and profits.

Interested in learning more about how RotoLink® can help lower your horizontal grinder’s operating costs? Visit our website, or contact a Rotochopper sales representative today.


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