Grain Grinding with Rotochopper Horizontal Grinders

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A Rotochopper horizontal grinder processing shell corn.

While some of the markets Rotochopper serves are large, others are more niche, and grain grinding is one of those cases. High moisture shelled corn presents a multitude of challenges during its processing—challenges that Rotochopper horizontal grinders are uniquely positioned to handle.

Because the window for grain grinding is so small, many companies find themselves taking advantage of the market of animal feed alongside their main business. With very precise size specifications and a short window of time to grind within, grinders used for high moisture shelled corn need to be at the top of the industry and dialed into the use case specifications to keep up.


The Challenges of Grinding High Moisture Shelled Corn

Why grind high moisture corn in the first place? While whole grains can pass right through livestock without digestion, a coarser grind can cause animals to pick out the “best parts” of the feed, missing out on important nutrition. A fine grind improves the digestibility of the starch and provides an even mixture that doesn’t allow livestock to pick out the choicest bits.

While grinding corn with a horizontal grinder carries a low risk of contaminants and damage to the machinery, high moisture shelled corn does possess several unique challenges. As mentioned above, size specifications for the end product are strict—it needs to be about the consistency of store-bought corn meal. High moisture shelled corn is already small, and unground kernels are essentially wasted profits, so the grind needs to be fine and consistent.

In addition, the corn needs to be harvested at a specific moisture content, so the window for processing is very short. Horizontal grinders need to be able to handle large amounts of corn quickly but without sacrificing quality and consistency.


How Rotochopper Can Help

At Rotochopper, our horizontal grinder grain package is “Perfect in One Pass,” providing the capability to bring high moisture shelled corn down to size with no uncracked kernels. How? Using our exclusive infeed transition system, unground kernels are kept out of your final product, allowing you to get the most out of your feedstock.

Processing different feedstocks throughout the year requires the versatility only Rotochopper horizontal grinders can provide. Handle high volumes of grain as the season calls for it, or consider our compact milling solutions for day-to-day grinding. To learn more about our options for grain grinding, contact a Rotochopper sales representative today.


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