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A Rotochopper grinder grinding wood.

At Rotochopper, we’re proud to be a part of your business, and we’re fully committed to the success of your company—that’s why we’re always improving our equipment based on real customer feedback.

The technological additions we offer for our grinders—RotoLink®, the StopWatch system, and RotoLoadScan™—are a result of that innovative spirit. Through sophisticated monitoring and data collection, these features help ensure your operation is safe, efficient, and providing the optimal production capacity.



RotoLink® is a remote monitoring system that allows multiple users—such as owners, operators or site managers, based on permissions—to view in-depth machine data from anywhere, at any time. Easily accessible on any smart device or computer, RotoLink® allows users to track their equipment’s performance through key indicators, such as grind hours, engine idle hours, infeed hours, and more. This can be done through real-time monitoring, pulling reports periodically, or reviewing the weekly reports that are automatically distributed. This visibility allows RotoLink® users to easily identify operation gaps that, when corrected, boost efficiency and profits.

RotoLink® also allows operators to track maintenance factors, like oil filter lifespan, as well as troubleshoot issues that may be compromising safety, like rotor vibration and machine heat. Alerts can be set up for specified variables and sent to users as needed based on levels relevant to your operation. You can also login directly to your horizontal grinder while its running for real-time data and even change machine settings remotely with the permission of the operator.



The StopWatch system aims to reduce damage to your horizontal grinder from un-grindable objects. The StopWatch system monitors fluctuations in rotor vibration to sense when un-grindable objects have reached the grinding chamber. If it does, the StopWatch system will stop and reverse the infeed conveyor to allow the object to be removed quickly and safely.

To ensure operators can use the StopWatch system with any feedstock, the level of vibration that triggers the StopWatch system can be set to suit your operation’s specific parameters.



With RotoLoadScan™, you can track real-time output rates to help maximize efficiency and track production. Our highly accurate, weatherproof scanner uses lidar detection to monitor your grinder’s production rates. RotoLoadScan™ uses a sophisticated formula, which factors in the material’s layer height, the conveyor speed, and other production variables that can be customized for your operation, such as environmental factors that affect your output.

Looking to learn more about the technological features available for your Rotochopper horizontal grinder? Contact a Rotochopper sales representative today.


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