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Rotochopper conveyor system piling wood waste.

At Rotochopper, we know our success is defined by the success of our customers. When our equipment helps business owners streamline their operations or boost their safety, we know we’re doing our jobs well.

Part of that commitment to customer success involves helping business owners explore options for additional equipment that may better their operation. If you’re considering adding a Rotochopper conveyor system to your lineup, you might have some questions—luckily, we’ve got the answers.

How Can Rotochopper® Conveyor Systems Streamline My Operation?

With the right setup, a conveyor system can greatly improve your operation’s efficiency and reduce fuel costs, as well as cut costs for labor and additional equipment by negating the need for a loader and operator. Rotochopper conveyor systems can be completely mobile and quickly handle bulk feedstock. Whether you’re piling your ground material, transferring it to trucks, or feeding it through other equipment, using a conveyor allows you to minimize unnecessary material handling, making it a vital part of a complete grinding solution.

How Can Rotochopper Conveyor Systems Improve Operational Safety?

Many grinding operations use a loader, like a backhoe or skid steer, to pile feedstock after its ground, but this method presents several safety hazards. Navigating a loader over uneven ground can put both the machine and, more importantly, the operator in serious danger. Additionally, driving over the piles causes compaction within the ground material. If the loader causes enough friction, that compaction can be enough to start a fire.

With a conveyor system from Rotochopper, you can safely pile your product away from the active grinding area without the use of additional supporting equipment and labor.

What Are My Options for Rotochopper Conveyor Systems?

Rotochopper has several different conveyor systems of different sizes, configurations, and feature specifications. If you’re having difficulty determining which is best for your operational needs, one of our expert sales representatives would be happy to help.

Radial Stacking Conveyor

The Rotochopper Radial Stacking Conveyor was engineered for easy and fast road-to-field transportation, making it the perfect option for operations that frequently travel to grinding sites. The Radial Stacking Conveyor also features hydraulic raising and lowering capabilities.

365R Tracked Radial Conveyor

The 365R Tracked Radial Conveyor is a 65’ conveyor with a 36” wide belt and 6’ tracks. This system uses automatic oscillation to ensure your material is perfectly blended.

480R Tracked Radial Conveyor

The 480R is an 80’ radial tracked stacker with a 48” wide belt and 8’ tracks. Like the 365R, automatic oscillation ensures your product is consistent in color and size, but the 480R also features a boomerang lift and a twin drive conveyor.

Portable Channel Frame Conveyor

The Portable Channel Frame Conveyor measures 36” x 60’, has a cleated belt, and features a 25-degree manual rise with an adjustable pin lock. It has an extended shallow radial hopper and swivel radial axle tires.

More questions about Rotochopper conveyor systems? Learn more on our website or contact us today.

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