C&D Wood Waste Recycling with Rotochopper® Equipment

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One of Rotochopper's 75 DK Shredder processing C & D waste at a materials recycling facility.

Second only to concrete, wood makes up a large portion of waste produced from construction and demolition projects. The industry results in an estimated 36.4 million tons of wood waste per year, with most of it coming from demolition projects.

The Impact of C&D Wood Waste

This amount of wood waste is concerning for a few reasons. First, there’s the environmental impact. The more reusable wood waste that rots in a landfill, the more new lumber needs to be harvested. By recycling wood waste, companies can do their part in conserving one of our most vital resources.

Secondly, all that C&D wood waste can be a financial burden on the companies tasked with disposing it. Hauling wood waste to the landfill requires businesses to pay tipping fees, which add up over time and can have a serious impact on your bottom line.

If you’re interested in creating a secondary revenue stream, C&D wood waste can be easily converted into a profitable product, like mulch, animal bedding, or boiler fuel. With the right shredding and grinding equipment from a trusted manufacturer like Rotochopper, you can boost your company’s profits and keep valuable natural resources out of landfills.

Processing C&D Wood Waste with Rotochopper Equipment

Whether you’re dealing with sorted or unsorted material, Rotochopper provides complete solutions for companies looking to recycle their C&D wood waste.

Rotochopper Shredders and Grinders

Rotochopper’s 75 and 95 DK Series Shredders can tackle unsorted C&D waste. Along with easily processing oddly shaped material, pre-shredding before grinding removes large pieces of metal and other ungrindables before they can enter the horizontal grinder. This helps save your grinder from expensive damage, reducing downtime for repairs and ensuring consistent quality in your final product. In addition, it allows your company to take in a wider variety of feedstocks.

Curious how Rotochopper shredders can be a game changer for your business? Check out our case study on Novem Industries and their 75 DK Shredder.

Ferrous Metal Removal Systems

Rotochopper offers options for ferrous metal removal that can be added to your equipment, allowing you to grind unsorted C&D waste directly from the shredder. Streamline your sorting line and prevent damage to your grinder with a cross-belt magnetic conveyor.

Radial Stacking Conveyors

Rotochopper also provides solutions for material handling. Moving ground C&D wood waste with a loader presents several safety hazards, including the risk of fire and uneven terrain. With our radial stacking conveyor systems, you can easily pile your material away from the grinding site, improving safety and efficiency. The oscillating conveyor blends the ground feedstock, ensuring consistency in color and size.

When you’re ready to find your complete C&D recycling system, turn to Rotochopper. As a factory-direct company, our sales representatives have the knowledge and experience to help you turn your C&D waste into a profitable secondary revenue stream. Contact us to get started.

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