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Horizontal grinder rotor tooth type plays a crucial role in the performance and output from your grinder. The wrong type of tooth can lead to wear and tear on the rotor and motor, decreased quality of your end product, and ultimately, a less efficient operation. 

At Rotochopper, Inc., we offer a variety of rotor tooth types, ensuring you can find the correct configuration for your operation’s specific application. 

The Advantages of Rotochopper Horizontal Grinder Teeth 

All tooth types included in this guide are indexable, meaning they can be rotated 180º as they wear down. This provides your horizontal grinder teeth with increased longevity and versatility.  

When compared to weld-on teeth, Rotochopper’s replaceable mount rotor and replaceable teeth allow you to further tailor your horizontal grinder to your operation’s use case. Operators can easily swap teeth to tackle different feedstocks; replace individual teeth as they break; and reduce their maintenance time. 

Horizontal Grinder Rotor Tooth Types 

Hard-Surfaced Teeth 

Indexable hard-surfaced teeth are ideal for tough feedstocks—asphalt shingles or contaminated materials, like construction and demolition waste. In addition, these teeth provide a superior finish similar to shredded mulch, making them a top pick for difficult feedstocks. Rotochopper also offers wide hard-surfaced teeth, which are well-suited to grinding wood chips, animal bedding, and animal feed. 

Wedge Teeth 

Wedge teeth are designed with a high angle to increase chip size, making them a perfect choice for processing wood, yard waste, and feedstocks without fraying. The end product is shredded mulch that looks cleaner due to fewer lines in the final output. 

3 Tab Hard-Surfaced Teeth 

3 tab hard-surfaced teeth feature three tips with embedded carbide granules, which help extend their longevity. These teeth are another great choice for tough, abrasive feedstocks—including sorted C&D waste, logs, bark, and yard waste—and typically produce a shredded, mulch-like end product.  

Indexable Ripper Teeth 

Ripper teeth are fitted with four carbide tips on each side, delivering the optimal cutting experience for round wood, slab wood, and other uniform feedstocks. In addition, they provide maximum efficiency without compromising quality when used with hard-surfaced teeth or chisel-indexable teeth. 

Rotochopper’s Unique Maintenance and Efficiency System 

Rotochopper provides a comprehensive solution to streamline maintenance and boost your grinder’s capacity. Our replaceable mount rotor makes maintenance much easier, allowing operators to easily exchange tooth mounts for greater adaptability and versatility. Combined with our numerous indexable grinder teeth, we ensure superior grinding results and an extended lifespan for maximum efficiency.  

No matter the feedstocks your operation tackles, Rotochopper’s unique rotor tooth and mount system is tailored to meet your needs, allowing quick and easy changes to your rotor configuration so you can handle any job confidently. 

Tackle Specific Feedstocks Effectively With Rotochopper’s Horizontal Grinders 

When choosing the right horizontal grinder rotor teeth, consider the feedstock being processed and your operation’s desired output. Rotochopper offers various indexable grinder teeth options, each designed to tackle specific feedstocks. Using the correct configuration is key to maximizing your operation’s uptime, production, and efficiency. 

At Rotochopper, we have the factory-direct expertise to help you evaluate the various tooth configurations and find your optimal setup. Although it may take some fine-tuning to settle on the perfect tooth configuration, our experienced team can help you find the best choice for your application and maximize your grinder’s capacity.  

Contact us today to learn more about our grinder tooth types and how they can help maximize efficiency in your operation. 

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