How to Winterize Your Colorizer

| Rotochopper University

fp66 c & d debris red colored mulch

Properly winterizing your colorizer will ensure your machine is ready for setup when spring mulch season arrives. Follow these simple steps to prepare your colorizer for the off season.

  1. Drain and inspect all lines on the colorizer – replace any lines that are damaged or worn.
  2. Replace colorant draw tube – even the smallest hole or crack in the draw tube or hose will affect the amount of colorant the pump is adding to the machine.
  3. Add antifreeze to the water pump (if equipped).
  4. Remove colorant lines from the grinding chamber on the machine and cap ports going into the machine and plug colorant lines (unless using them for dust control).
  5. Clean and disinfect water tank (if equipped).
  6. Change colorant pump hose:
    • Color pump hoses are rated for 2 million cycles (500 hours of operation (30,000 cycles) at 50 RPM equals 1.5 million cycles).
    • Replace hose lube in the color pump.
  7. Record all settings used for each color and each feed stock:
    • Take pictures of feed stock.
    • Take pictures of machine settings.
    • Create a recipe book for all finished products.

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