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Rotochopper Hosts 8th Annual Demo Day

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demo day 2018 tour spike ceo speech demo day 2018 fp66 b66l colorizer demo day 2018 fp66 coloring red mulch demo day 2018 refurb b66 chipper demo day 2018 b66l demo day 2018 logs
demo day 2018 tour spike ceo speech demo day 2018 fp66 b66l colorizer demo day 2018 fp66 coloring red mulch demo day 2018 refurb b66 chipper demo day 2018 b66l demo day 2018 logs

September 13, 2018 – Rotochopper hosted customers and prospects from around the world at their 8th annual Demo Day. Approximately 200 guests from four countries attended the event with the theme “Mission Possible”.

The day began with tours of the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, providing attendees with the opportunity to see Rotochopper grinders in every stage of manufacturing, from cutting to final inspection and testing. The facility tours also provided guests the opportunity to meet the various on-site teams who design, build, and support their Rotochopper equipment. David Polser from Land Development Services in Liberty Hill, TX said, “I truly enjoyed seeing the facilities and witnessing the amount of pride and workmanship that go into these machines.”

President/CEO Art de St. Aubin welcomed attendees with remarks focused on the partnership Rotochopper forms with its customers saying, “It is your partnership that we strive for; your success is our success! Our platform and mission today is, it is possible and your continuous dialouge will always be our main conduit to success.”

The demonstrations kicked off with excitement as the new B-66 L-Series track and dolly grinder was unveiled to the Mission Impossible theme song. The B-66L and FP-66, both equipped with the Generation II Colorizer, did a head to head grind off showing each of their production capabilities. The B-66, FP-66, and MC-266 demonstrated the process of converting raw materials into finished products throughout the day for attendees.

Mini sessions throughout the afternoon demonstrated a variety of use cases and applications of Rotochopper equipment. Included in the demos was the MP-2, producing colored mulch, the CP-118 chip processor, Erosion Sock attachment for the GB-250, RotoLink monitoring system & preventative maintenance program, Rotochopper’s patented screen installation system and replaceable mount rotor. The EC-266 electric grinder ground pallets & sorted C&D debris directly into the RMT hammermill showcasing Rotochopper’s knowledge in multi-stage fine grinding systems. The day ended with the B-66 L-series grinder, devouring logs and whole trees, demonstrating its enhanced features designed to improve input capabilities and increase overall production.

It was a full day of demonstrations, information, networking and fun. Rotochopper’s Demo Day event continues to impress attendees with a behind the scenes glimpse of the facility, equipment and most importantly their dedicated employees.

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