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The B-66 with asphalt shingle grinding package offers unmatched versatility and low wear costs for companies that need to process asphalt shingles, in addition to wood waste or other materials.

Rotochopper B-66 with Asphalt Shingle Grinding Package Maximizes Versatility

B-66 with Asphalt Shingle Package.As the manufacturer of the only purpose-built shingle grinders on the market, we are pleased to now offer another advancement for the evolving shingle recycling market—the Rotochopper B-66 with asphalt shingle grinding package (B-66 SP). Designed for companies that process asphalt shingle waste, in addition to wood waste, sorted construction & demolition debris, municipal yard waste, or other materials, the B-66 offers remarkable versatility along with controlled wear characteristics,
resulting in consistent uptime and low operating costs.

  • Unmatched versatility

  • Fast, convenient tooth & screen changes

  • No routine hardfacing required

  • Diesel or electric power

  • Portable, stationary, or track-mounted

With the RG-1 purpose-built shingle grinder, we offered a new approach to shingle recycling—high volume processing without the need for frequent wear-related maintenance resulting from the abrasiveness of shingle waste. Now with the new shingle grinding package for the B-66, we are offering a new approach to horizontal grinders used to process multiple waste streams. The B-66 SP allows shingle recyclers to capitalize on the profit potential of shingle waste without sacrificing the flexibility or particle size control our customers have come to trust.

Features of the Shingle Grinding Package

B-66 SP Being Loaded With Tear-off Shingles.The shingle grinding package adds wear limiting special components to the standard features that have made the B-66 a high-volume solution for processing wood waste. These shingle package components limit wear costs and downtime by reducing spillage, heat, and build-up, while focusing wear on replaceable parts.

These components include bolt-in wear liners, a unique grinding chamber water injection system, and anti-stick rollers on the discharge conveyor. The critical advantage of these special components is the way they work with the standard design of the B-66 to reduce wear and hassle, without compromising ease of operation and maintenance.

The components of the Asphalt Shingle Grinding Package may vary according to specific customer needs. Give us a call to request a full list of the components we would offer for your asphalt shingle recycling program.

The B-66 advantage for shingle recyclers

Although the B-66 SP will not match the remarkably low wear costs of the RG-1 purpose-built roofing grinder, it offers many of the advantages of the RG-1 along with the flexibility to conveniently switch between raw materials and end product specifications. For some applications, the B-66 may also offer even higher production rates than the RG-1, particularly for applications that don’t require single-pass fine grinding capacity.

For a comparison between our shingle grinder models based on your raw materials, end product specifications, required production rates, and other factors, contact your regional Rotochopper rep.

B-66 SP Shingle Grinder.Infeed design

A critical difference between the B-66 and other horizontal grinders is the way it allows raw material to flow smoothly into the grinding chamber. The smooth steel slat infeed conveyor prevents raw material
from falling onto the conveyor bed. By comparison, grinders with drag chain conveyors allow loose materials to fall between chain links, accelerating wear and creating substantial accumulation below the infeed. With drag chain conveyors, drive sprockets are constantly exposed to abrasion.

Infeed-to-grinding chamber transition system

Our exclusive infeed-to-grinding chamber transition system keeps loose material flowing into the rotor, rather than falling onto the collection conveyor or the ground. This simple system has no power-driven parts in contact with abrasive particles.


The aggressive powerfeed drum maintains a continuous positive feed, optimizing efficiency. If necessary, the powerfeed automatically stops to avoid overfeeding. Feed rates are regulated according to engine RPMs (or main motor amp draw for electric-powered units). The load regulation setting can be quickly fine tuned from the digital operator interface to match raw material consistency, screen size, and other factors.

Grinding chamber

The grinding chamber design reduces wear costs and downtime by limiting contact with abrasive shingle waste to replaceable, bolt-in parts. The rotor keeps material distributed evenly across the width of the grinding chamber, rather than pushing loose particles sideways, significantly reducing wear on the grinding chamber walls and rotor end caps. Comparatively, grinding rotors with offset helical tooth arrangements force abrasive fines to one side of the grinding chamber, creating uneven wear patterns and causing rapid wear on grinding chamber walls. In the B-66 SP, wear liners in front of the rotor act like funnels, channelling abrasive fines inward, away from the grinding chamber walls.

Screen Installation System

Like every Rotochopper grinder, the B-66 offers fast, convenient access to rotor teeth and sizing screens. Using our patented hydraulic screen installation system, one person can quickly change screens at ground level without special tools or overhead lifting equipment. Integrated shear pin protection limits damage from severe rotor impacts with contaminants like rocks and steel.

Rotor Teeth & Tooth Mounts

B-66 SP.
The grinding rotor can be equipped with different tooth styles to match raw material consistency, including indexable cast carbide teeth for asphalt shingles. Cast carbide combines the wear resilience
of carbide with the superior tramp tolerance of steel. A complete set can be reversed or replaced in less than an hour. The replaceable mount rotor (patent pending) lets operators quickly swap tooth
mounts, limiting downtime from severe impacts or excessive wear. A unique design locks each mount in place using two bolts—no pins, lock collars, or inter-dependent mounts. Learn more about the
replaceable mount rotor.

Water injection system

The shingle package modifies our patented grinding chamber liquid injection system, spraying water at an angle designed to prevent plugging of the nozzles. Because water is distributed by the force of the grinding process, this exclusive water injection system effectively dissipates heat with less water than grinders that apply water on the infeed conveyor. End uses for ground shingles such as hotmix asphalt supplement and boiler fuel may require excess water to be removed.

Discharge conveyor

The discharge conveyor features special flashing and support rollers that reduce build-up, spillage, and the accelerated wear that results from these problems. An optional magnetic cross-belt conveyor separates ferrous metal (such as roofing nails) from the finished product.

Control system

The digital control interface allows fast, convenient setting adjustments to optimize grinding efficiency for different raw materials. The control system provides advanced monitoring and diagnostic capabilities to limit downtime.

Time-saving benefits

B-66 Producing Recycled Asphalt Shingles. Equally important is what the B-66 does not have. Unlike horizontal grinders with up-cut rotors, the B-66 does not have a large anvil surface above the rotor. The down-cut design keeps the abrasive grinding process focused on much smaller, replaceable parts. The B-66’s rotor does not have permanent rakers that are in constant contact with shingle waste. (For solid, large diameter feedstocks like logs and whole trees, the rotor can be equipped with bolt-on rakers.) Other than the basic systems—infeed conveyor, powerfeed drum, rotor, under-rotor conveyor (collection conveyor), and discharge conveyor—the B-66 has no power-driven parts that come in contact with abrasive shingle waste: no augers or drive chains exposed to abrasives.

With the B-66, routine maintenance is limited to standard grinder upkeep: tooth and screen replacement, and the normal maintenance practices for grinding equipment. Specifically, the B-66 does not require frequent application of hardface weld or wear liner replacement. When used to process large volumes of asphalt shingles, the B-66 will require wear liner replacement but at a much less frequent interval than grinders that do not keep the grinding process evenly distributed and focused on rotor teeth and screens.

Shingle Recycling Equipment Comparison

The RG-1 vs the B-66 horizontal grinder with shingle package

Like the RG-1 purpose-built shingle grinder, the B-66 with shingle package combines time-tested Rotochopper technology with features designed specifically for the abrasiveness of shingles. Although the B-66 will not match the engineered wear characteristics of the RG-1, it offers several advantages in its own right. The choice between the RG-1 and B-66 with shingle package comes down to many factors, including: raw materials (shingles only or multiple waste sources), required production rates, and particle size specifications, among other considerations.

The right equipment for your asphalt shingle processing needs

Which Rotochopper shingle grinder is right for your shingle recycling operation? Contact us to discuss which machine can give you the best bottom line.

The versatility of the B-66, combined with the wear limiting advantages of this shingle grinding package, make it an excellent match for shingle grinding contractors, material recovery facilities, large roofing and construction contractors, and transfer stations. Available with diesel or electric power, in portable, stationary or track-mounted configurations, the B-66 SP is another high volume solution from the leader in shingle recycling technology—Rotochopper.

Coming soon

Compact shingle grinder for operating in-line with sorting equipment—the RG-1 S

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