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Rotochopper Newsletter Fall 2010

This Shingle Recycling Special Edition of ROTOCHOPPER NEWS showcases the new B-66 SP shingle grinder, examines the economics and challenges of shingle grinding, and highlights Rotochopper advantages like our patented screen change system.

Rotochopper B-66 SP Shingle Grinder.

In This Issue…

  • NEW B-66 SP Shingle Grinder

  • Certified Factory Refurbished Equipment Program

  • Colored Mulch Consumer Tips

  • Economics of Shingle Recycling

  • Shingle Recycling Market Update

  • Screen Change System Advantages

Rotochopper B-66 SP Grinding Shingles.
New B-66 SP Shingle Grinder

The new B-66 with shingle grinding package (B-66 SP) combines unmatched versatility with engineered wear characteristics for companies that need to grind shingles, as well as wood waste, green waste, and other raw materials.

Like the Rotochopper RG-1purpose-built shingle grinder, the B-66 SP is packed with exclusive Rotochopper features that deliver lower wear costs and less maintenance downtime for large scale shingle recycling operations:

B-66 SP Grinding Shingles.

  • Smooth steel slat infeed conveyor creates less spillage and wear
  • Patented screen installations system allows fast, convenient screen changes and rotor access
  • Replaceable mount rotor lets operators quickly exchange rotor tooth mounts in the event of damage or excessive wear without special tools, a welder, or cutting torch just two heavy duty bolts
  • Digital operator interface provides advanced monitoring and diagnostic capabilities
  • Super screw hinge-less discharge belt splice extends service life with less hassle of a vulcanized belt splice
  • Grinding chamber water injection system effectively cools the grinding chamber with less water

The components of this shingle grinding package vary according to unique customer needs. Contact us for a more detailed list of B-66 advantages for grinding shingles or other raw materials.

Learn more on our website.

Rotochopper Factory Refurbishment Program

A Used Wood Grinder Is Inspected During the Refurbishment Process.
Looking for a used Rotochopper grinder? Our Factory Refurbishment Program offers better quality than used grinding equipment at a lower investment than a new wood grinder. When you choose Rotochopper certified factory refurbished equipment, you have the confidence of knowing that your grinder has been thoroughly inspected, refurbished, and tested by the people who know Rotochopper equipment better than anyone the same factory technicians who build them.

Pictured at right: 
A used Rotochopper grinder is stripped down to allow thorough
inspection prior to the refurbishment process
(Grinding chamber shown.

Find Factory Refurbished Equipment on our website.

Color-Enhanced Landscape Mulch.
Colored Mulch Consumer Tips

For color-enhanced mulch producers, communicating proper handling tips to customers can be a critical part of long-term consumer satisfaction particularly during the rush season when mulch colorant may not have adequate time to dry.

These guidelines, provided courtesy of Colorbiotics, highlight the important techniques to stress to your mulch customers.

Learn more on our website.

Rotochopper RG-1 Grinding Shingles.
Economics of Shingle Recycling

With the price of Asphalt Cement (Asphalt Binder) once again approaching $500 per ton in many areas across the United
States, shingle recycling is growing faster than ever. Asphalt shingle recycling is also diversifying, with more kinds of companies
entering the shingle grinding market.

In this article, we examine the profitability and challenges of shingle grinding.

Learn more on our website.

Recycled Asphalt Shingles (RAS).
Shingle Recycling Market Update

As more states introduce specifications for the use of ground up tear-off shingles (post-consumer shingle waste) in state, the shingle recycling market continues to evolve. In an interview with a shingle recycling engineering consultant, we examine how shifts in market demand and DOT specifications are affecting market dynamics.

Learn more on our website.

Screen Installation System.
Screen Change System

As the industries we serve grow more diverse, the advantages of our screen change system continue to reveal themselves in new ways. For shingle grinding companies, this Rotochopper exclusive feature means less downtime from the wear associated with abrasive roofing waste. For companies that process multiple waste streams according to different end product specifications, this screen change system offers unmatched finished product control. In this feature we take a look at a standard feature that has been a favorite of Rotochopper customers for over 10 years.

Learn more on our website.

Rotochopper RG-1 Grinding Shingles.
Learn More

The Rotochopper advantages that make the B-66 SP a high volume solution for shingle grinding also offer significant advantages for companies that grind wood waste, yard waste, agricultural residue, and other raw resources.

Contact us to learn more.

What does shingle grinding have in common with pallet recycling, sorted C&D recycling, and other markets that depend on grinding equipment? As the shingle recycling market expands with the growth of tear-off shingle recycling, more kinds of companies are starting to grind shingles, diversifying the economics of shingle grinding. The shingle recycling market is growing in a similar manner as the markets that form the foundation of the Rotochopper name colored landscape mulch, wood fiber animal bedding, and biomass fuels. Shingle recycling is moving beyond just hot mix asphalt companies and grinding contractors, as more waste handling companies, asphalt materials suppliers, and even large roofing contractors are starting to grind shingles. Like wood fiber recycling markets, shingle grinding is becoming the norm more so than the exception. The most striking similarity between these markets is the way that practical grinding equipment solutions are shaping and being shaped by market demand.

Coming Soon…

Rotochopper MC-266 Grinding & Coloring Wood Waste.
Watch for future issues of ROTOCHOPPER NEWS to stay informed about our latest R&D, market updates, customer
success stories, and more:

  • Learn about our NEW compact shingle grinder for operating in-line with sorting equipment the RG-1 S
  • See how evolving wood fiber markets are changing the way tree care companies are profiting from their wood chips
  • Find out how the B-66 is allowing wood waste recyclers to diversify into multiple fiber markets and simplify their grinding operations

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