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New EC-366 Electric Horizontal Grinder

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The EC-366 is the latest generation of the long-popular EC series of electric wood grinders.

EC-366 Electric Wood Grinder

Long before Tier 4 engine emission standards, when diesel prices averaged less than $1.25 across the USA, Rotochopper launched the electric-powered EC series grinder that has become the industry standard for processing wood waste in pallet shops, transfer stations, MRFs, and other facilities with steady raw material streams and demanding end product specifications.

Design upgrades

Now the long-popular EC-266 is getting upgraded to the EC-366, with updates that result in even cleaner operation, simplified maintenance, and lower operating costs. As the third generation Rotochopper EC, the EC-366 enhances the advantages that have made it the standout choice for producing colored landscape mulch, pellet fuel stock, animal bedding, boiler fuel, and RAS (recycled asphalt shingles) wherever a 3-phase power supply is available.

Rotochopper electric grinders

With the Rotochopper grinder line-up, electric-powered equipment isn’t a new fad driven by rising diesel prices and increasing government regulations of engine emissions. Recognizing the broad ranging cost saving benefits of electric-powered equipment, we have always offered a complete line-up of electric wood grinders to complement our diesel-powered grinders.

The Rotochopper electric-powered advantage

EC-366 electrical horizontal grinderBecause the EC series has always been designed and built for stationary operation, it is simpler and cleaner to operate than electric grinders that are reconfigured from mobile diesel-powered grinders. The EC-366 features a full-length roller bed collection conveyor to limit spillage and worksite mess. For companies that process abrasive feedstocks like tear-off shingles, less spillage also means lower wear and associated downtime. With an asphalt shingle grinding package, the EC-366 offers more uptime with significantly less hardface welding than typical grinders that are designed to process wood waste. The electronic control system for the colorizer (optional) has been simplified for companies that frequently switch between raw materials and end products.

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