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fp66 horizontal grinder pallet scrap
The FP-66 is designed to bring high-volume grinder features to a mid-sized platform.

Rotochopper FP-66 palletsEvery machine in the Rotochopper line-up has grown directly out of customer input. Within the last few years, as markets for colored landscape mulch, animal bedding, and RAS (recycled asphalt shingles) have grown and diversified, we have received one request more than any other—more mid-sized grinders. Specifically, our customers have asked for the advantages of the B-66, B-66 E (electric-powered), and RG-1 in smaller packages.

We are pleased to fill this request with the new FP-66 horizontal grinder.

Exclusive Rotochopper features

Available with 540 to 630 horsepower, the FP-66 features many of the exclusive advantages found in the B-66.

  • Domed steel slat infeed conveyor
  • Gap-less infeed transition
  • Slab ramp adjustable shear plane
  • Concentric powerfeed lift
  • Hydraulic screen changer with shear pin protection
  • Replaceable mount rotor
  • Simultaneous grind and color system (optional)
  • Asphalt shingle grinding package (optional)
  • Crawler tracks with transport dolly (optional)

With less horsepower and a lower weight than the B-66, the FP-66 is designed to meet the needs of wood waste and tear-off shingle recycling operations that do not have enough raw material volume for the B-66 or RG-1. For in-the-woods biomass processors, the FP-66’s lower weight offers improved maneuverability in tight forestry landings. Mid-sized shingle grinding companies that manually sort tear-off shingles prior to grinding may find that the FP-66’s lower horsepower better matches the output capacity of picking lines than the higher capacity B-66 and RG-1.

Rotochopper FP-66 palletsWide ranging solutions

The FP-66 joins the MP-2MC-266, and B-66 in the diesel-powered wood grinder line-up that goes from 275 to 875 horsepower. This wide range of size and horsepower lets us match the machine to your raw material volume and finished product requirements.

Diesel or electric grinders

The launch of the FP-66 follows closely behind the introduction of the EC-366, the third generation mid-sized electric grinder.

Learn more

Contact us today, to learn more about the FP-66 horizontal grinder.

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