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b66td round wood

Rotochopper horizontal grinders are now available with more rotor and tooth styles, including a unique rotor designed to optimize efficiency for processing whole trees, forestry slash, logs, and other forms of solid wood fiber.

Rotochopper horizontal grinders, trusted for their versatility and efficiency, are now available with more rotor and tooth styles to effectively process an even wider range of raw materials with low wear costs.

Biomass Rotor

rotochopper b66 grinding logsAmong these new options, the biomass rotor has generated significant interest among forestry operations and other companies that process solid wood fiber like slash, logs, and whole trees. Designed to increase efficiency and production rates, this rotor offers better uptime than chipper knives and better efficiency than typical grinding teeth. This rotor has been available on a limited basis for over a year. After extensive testing it is now available to all customers. The biomass rotor is completely compatible with every Rotochopper horizontal grinder. For retrofits, only the rotors need to be exchanged.

New & Redesigned Pocket Loc Rotor Teeth

The Sharktooth for the Pocket Loc style rotor (available for MC, EC, SB, and MP series grinders) is now being made with a new manufacturing process that lowers the cost, offering an even more cost effective choice for processing slabs and other forms of solid, small diameter feedstocks. A new tooth has been added for the Pocket Loc rotor, the Roto108. The Roto108 is a highly versatile tooth that provides reliable performance and good wear life when used for processing pallet waste, bark, and other feedstocks that may contain contaminants.

Redesigned B-66 Teeth

Teeth for the Rotochopper B-66 are now also being made with a new manufacturing process with lower costs.

For more information about new rotor and tooth styles, give us a call or contact your regional Rotochopper rep.

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