Replaceable Mount Rotor Now Standard for B-66

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b66 landclearing debris

The Rotochopper B-66 horizontal grinder now comes standard with a replaceable mount rotor.

B-66 Grinding Landclearing Debris.
The Rotochopper B-66 horizontal grinder now comes standard with a replaceable mount rotor.
This rotor allows operators to quickly and easily exchange rotor tooth mounts in the event of damage or excessive wear.

Each mount is secured by two bolts—no bushings, lock collars, or heavy shafts, and no need for special tools like rod pullers. A unique mounting design transfers impact stress to the mount holders and rotor drum, minimizing bolt stress. If one tooth is damaged, only one needs
to be replaced.

Replaceable Mount Rotor. This mount replacement system offers an unparalleled combination of simplicity and reliability. Its interlocked mating design provides better strength than weld-on mounts, while also allowing easier, faster replacement than other mount exchange systems.

This rotor is completely compatible with all tooth and screens styles available for the B-66. For retrofits, only the rotor needs to
be replaced. Learn moreReplaceable Mount Rotor..


For more information, give us a call or contact your regional Rotochopper rep.

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