Rotochopper Adds Screening Equipment Options to Their Equipment Lineup with New Screener Conveyor

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Rotochopper Screener Conveyor with hopper

For over 30 years, Rotochopper has been innovating through customer feedback. The newest addition to the Rotochopper equipment lineup, Rotochopper’s Screener Conveyor, is no exception. With our customers’ needs in mind, Rotochopper created a solution that will separate fines from your desired end-product seamlessly while minimizing the needs for additional handling equipment and operational processes.

“We have been very impressed with Rotochopper’s new Screener Conveyor. The addition of the conveyor to our operation has added production capacity, allowed us to reduce water and colorant usage, and streamlined our process to create a secondary saleable product. What would have required an additional piece of equipment is now being handled with a single conveyor,” shared Brian Feist, owner of Rock Hard Landscape Supply.

The new Screener Conveyor can be used as a stand-alone screener or part of a larger material handling solution. Advantages of Rotochopper’s Screener Conveyor include seamlessly creating two products in one pass, reducing handling and equipment needs, creating a second marketable product, such as soil amendment, animal bedding, and solidification material, and minimizing colorant usage by removing the fines from your end product. The Screener Conveyor features a screen hole size up to ¾” and production up to 350 yds/hour.

“We’re very excited about the addition of screening & conveying equipment to the products offered by Rotochopper. This solution enables our customers to realize greater operational efficiencies and profit potential”, shared Nick Lieser, Product Development Manager.

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