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EP-56 management team

Rotochopper has reached an exciting milestone as the company celebrates 30 years of delivering innovative waste grinding solutions. Through Rotochopper’s offerings, companies have been able to find solutions that turn everyday waste materials into profitable end products like colored landscape mulch, animal bedding, compost, and more.

The Rotochopper brand has long been synonymous with “Perfect In One Pass” grinding precision and simplicity. But the history behind the Rotochopper name is much more than innovation in grinding equipment. It’s about a group of people with a different philosophy toward waste materials and a unique focus on customer success. The Rotochopper brand began when two companies from different industries joined forces to manufacture unique recycling equipment. Our co-founders, Fred Peltz and Vince Hundt, established our core values of customer-centricity and “Perfect In One Pass” engineering that continue to define Rotochopper today.

Rotochopper co-founder Vince Hundt said, “For 30 years the people of central Minnesota who are Rotochopper have been inventing and building machines that solve problems.”

Our product offerings have expanded over the last three decades in response to our customers’ evolving business and operational needs. Today, you can find horizontal grinders in a broad range of businesses including not only wood waste, but organic waste, food waste, and municipal waste.

“The Rotochopper name means thirty years of working with customers and industry partners who share our vision for profitable, sustainable approaches to waste and recycling. We’ve been fortunate from the beginning to be able to collaborate with people who are committed to exploring new solutions for some big challenges, like green waste and MSW,” shared Rotochopper COO, Jamey Brick.

“The best is yet to come!  We remain excited and ready to build on the legacy that our company founders created.  Our team is strong, and the passion, energy and expertise of our people will empower growth and innovation for the next 30 years,” remarked Tosh Brinkerhoff, Rotochopper CEO.

Our equipment has changed dramatically since the first 30hp Rotochopper, but thanks to an unwavering commitment to our customers, the Rotochopper brand has remained remarkably consistent, centered by a philosophy that waste materials are profit opportunities just waiting for the right partnerships. Humble beginnings from a team that now builds 1050hp grinders.

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