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refurbished wood grinders
refurbished wood grinders

Used Rotochopper equipment offers unique value in the used grinder market. No matter when it was made, it was engineered and designed for grinding precision. We maximize that value by thoroughly inspecting, refurbishing, and testing each piece of used Rotochopper equipment that bears the Certified Factory Refurbished assurance of quality.

Inspected and Refurbishedfactory refurbished logo cp118

Before each of our used horizontal grinders enter the market for sale, they go through the Certified Factory Refurbishment Program. The equipment is stripped and thoroughly inspected to identify the necessary refurbishment measures. Broken, worn, or outdated components are replaced or upgraded, and custom features are added to the grinder to suit your unique needs as the new owner.

Tested for Quality Control

Rotochopper machines are built to last, provide efficiency, and minimize maintenance downtime regardless of when they were built. After the dirty work, all of our refurbished horizontal grinders are tested according to the same quality control standards as our new equipment. We finish each piece with the Rotochopper Certified Factory Refurbishment assurance of quality, so you can be confident your used horizontal grinder has been restored to the highest level of quality.

Cost Effectiveb66td diesel horizontal grinder refurbished testing

When you purchase refurbished Rotochopper equipment, you’re investing in a cost-effective grinding solution that provides incredible value. Depending on your use case and business model, buying used horizontal grinding equipment may make more financial sense than renting or leasing.

Invaluable Support

Buying a factory refurbished Rotochopper equipment means you’ll receive the same outstanding service as any other Rotochopper customer. What does that look like? Global customer support, access to the online parts store, opportunities for regular preventative maintenance visits, and more—everything you need to streamline your operation and keep your used horizontal grinder running at peak efficiency.

The Same Team. The Same Commitment.

Rotochopper refurbished equipment come with the same employee-owned commitment to quality as a brand new Rotochopper. It comes with the confidence of knowing your used grinder has been thoroughly inspected, refurbished, and tested by the people who understand Rotochopper grinding equipment best—the same people who designed and built it.

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