Grinding Food Waste for a Profitable Compost Revenue Stream

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Food waste in a compost bin.

With an estimated 40% of the food supply in America ending up in a landfill, it’s clear this country has a serious problem with food waste. While it’s important for businesses to take the necessary steps to minimize the amount of food they’re wasting, it’s equally important to explore the ways that food waste can be reutilized. With the right equipment and support from a trusted supplier, like Rotochopper Inc., food waste can be repurposed into compost for a profitable revenue stream—a solution that benefits both the environment and your business’s bottom line.

Why Compost?

From an economic perspective, finding an alternative use for food waste just makes sense. Hauling food to landfills means paying tipping fees, which, if cut out, can increase your business’s profits. Plus, many states are introducing bills to limit food waste in landfills. For businesses that deal with a large amount of expired food, producing compost can provide a secondary revenue source.

From a sustainability-focused perspective, composting makes even more sense. Food waste can be extremely harmful to the environment. Rotting food produces about 16% of all methane gas, which is over 20 times more impactful on our environment than carbon dioxide. Like CO2, methane contributes to the greenhouse effect, which, in turn, contributes to climate change.

With all that said, a solution to food waste that boosts your business’s profits and lessens humanity’s negative impact on the environment is truly the best of both worlds.

Turning Food Waste into Profitable Compost with Rotochopper

The compost and organics industry is just one of the many Rotochopper serves. As a factory-direct company, we have the unique opportunity to incorporate customer feedback into each new iteration of our equipment. This has allowed us to tailor a wide variety of equipment engineered for the challenges of food waste and help organics recyclers make a profit with compost.

Rotochopper Horizontal Food Waste Grinders

Rotochopper horizontal grinders are built to handle high volumes of organic material, no matter how abrasive, with ease. Particle size consistency is crucial in the compost industry, and Rotochopper grinders are engineered to accommodate with minimal downtime. Additionally, they can be paired with traditional composting methods or anaerobic digester systems to increase the rate at which food waste becomes usable compost.

Rotochopper Trommel Screens

Rotochopper’s new MT tracked trommel screen series is the ideal addition for organics recyclers seeking to screen undesirably sized materials from their end product. With a simplified drum change system and easy angle adjustment, you can increase your end product versatility and nail industry size specifications every single time.

Rotochopper Compost Bagging Systems

For organics recyclers looking to enter the retail compost market, the Rotochopper Go-Bagger 250 allows for easy filling and hands-free sealing of retail bags. Compact, portable, and efficient, it’s the perfect addition to a food waste grinding system.

Ready to make a profit and help the environment? Contact a Rotochopper sales representative to start reducing food waste and increasing your revenue stream.

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