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demo day 2013 natural mulch demo day 2013 b66 demo day 2013 natural mulch demo day 2013 machine line up
demo day 2013 natural mulch demo day 2013 b66 demo day 2013 natural mulch demo day 2013 machine line up
Much more than just grinder demonstrations, our annual demo day offers a chance to learn from and make connections with other industry professionals.

“If you are in the market for a new or refurbished machine, the demo days trip is worth the time. Not only did I learn a lot, but I made friendships and business contacts that have been very rewarding.”

Roger Seale: Kamlar

On a normal day in August of 2013, six individuals from three different states representing six seemingly unrelated industries arrived in the Minneapolis airport. The only thing that they had in common was that they had accepted an invitation to attend the annual Rotochopper Demo Day. Two days later, at the conclusion of the event, the six individuals returned to the airport connected personally and professionally because of the shared experience at Demo Day. During the event they exchanged contact information, learned about each others’ industries and gained a fresh perspective about their own businesses. Since then, the six individuals
have visited each other’s sites, collaborated on mutually beneficial projects, and bought and sold material from one another.

“Rotochopper demo day is both informative and fun.”

During Demo Day, these attendees from the Mid-Atlantic region also met individuals from other regions and several other industries. They learned about fiber markets that are very different from theirs in the Mid-Atlantic states, where mulch and boiler fuel are strong, while compost and animal bedding are less common.

“Rotochopper demo day, where current and future customers get treated to a wonderful time.”

Brad Bennett: Novem Waste

Demo Day Factory Tour 2013

The Rotochopper Demo Day event is a great opportunity to see the vast array of equipment that Rotochopper builds, to tour the state of the art factory, and to see machines at work.

“Rotochopper demo day is both informative and fun. The factory tour really shows the sense of pride and workmanship that goes into each piece they produce. The live demos allow you get to know the machines before you buy. The after party is a great time to converse with like business owners across the nation and swap stories.”

Andy Warren: Tidewater Green

What do the owners of an asphalt shingle recycling company, a wood waste transfer station, and a major producer of bag and bulk mulch have in common? They all attended Demo Days 2013 and are returning in 2014. If you see yourself and your business goals in the attendees described above, I hope to see you there too!

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