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Pioneer Packaging of Portland, Indiana owes its current growth to a business model built on customer service and a commitment to pursuing new opportunities.

Adapted from an Article in Pallet Enterprise

In the July 2014 issue of Pallet Enterprise, publisher Chaille Brindley examines the way a new wood grinding system is helping Pioneer Packaging create new opportunities. The complete article is available on the Pallet Enterprise website and the July 2014 edition of Pallet Enterprise magazine.

Two-Stage Grinding System Opens New Opportunities

Pioneer Packaging launched a new animal bedding business in 2012 with the addition of a Rotochopper two-stage fine grinding system. The two-stage system consists of an EC-366 primary grinder and an in-line RMT hammermill. All of the facility’s wood waste is fed into the EC-366 and comes out of the hammermill as fine texture wood fiber. Pioneer Packaging sells wood fiber animal bedding into the livestock market, as well as the more challenging poultry bedding market.

Meeting the Challenges of the Poultry Bedding Market

As owner Wade Kohler is quick to point out, poultry producers typically have been hesitant to adopt wood fiber animal bedding produced by grinding equipment, preferring the traditional bedding made by shavings mills. Since animal bedding quality has such a huge impact on animal health and profit margins, poultry producers have largely shied away from ground up wood fiber bedding from fear of jagged particles, oversized pieces, and excessive fines (dust).

But when poultry producers see the quality of the bedding made by Pioneer Packaging’s Rotochopper fine grinding system, their normal assumptions quickly disappear. Since installing the electric-powered fine grinding system, Pioneer Packaging has easily sold all of the bedding as quickly as it is produced. Poultry producers are consistently happy with the wood fiber bedding, which Kohler compares to unprocessed oats in size and shape.

Learn More

To learn more about Pioneer Packaging’s growth strategy and animal bedding production, check out the
full article in Pallet Enterprise. For over 30 years, Pallet Enterprise has covered the issues that are critical to the wooden packaging industry.

To learn more about the fine grinding system that Pioneer Packaging uses to produce animal bedding, contact us today.

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