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rotochopper university 2016 spike b66 rotochopper university 2016 spike rotor demo
rotochopper university 2016 spike b66 rotochopper university 2016 spike rotor demo
Rotochopper, Inc. welcomed equipment owners and operators from all over the world in early 2016 for straight-from-the-factory sessions on equipment use and maintenance best practices. The two-day sessions highlighted best practices for maximizing the profitability of grinder operation.

“It’s really incredible to come out here and see the factory in person,” said David Bacon of Bacon Construction. Bacon, who had recently taken delivery of a B-66 horizontal grinder, came to the school as a refresher to the hands-on training he received at start-up. “Spike and Dave from the customer support team do such a great job of running the class, we’re learning so many things that are going to step up our production levels. I got to meet the guys who built my grinder, and see the machines in all stages of completion. There isn’t a group of people that know their equipment better than the folks at Rotochopper.”

Along with the basics, Rotochopper University focuses on components that are unique to each grinder model, from infeed conveyors and power feeds, to rotors, teeth, screen assemblies, and under rotor discharge conveyors.

About Rotochopper University

Rotochopper University is a two-day training experience that takes place at the Rotochopper, Inc. headquarters in St. Martin, MN. The classes focus on the proper operating and maintenance best-practices to optimize the performance of their Rotochopper equipment.

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