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rotochopper b66e electric horizontal grinder pallets coomer & sons B66E_SpringValleyMulch_Spike by Machine B66LII_horizontal grinder DemoDay_Drone Shot FP66 horizontal grinder coloring mulch_DemoDay_angled_w people
rotochopper b66e electric horizontal grinder pallets coomer & sons B66E_SpringValleyMulch_Spike by Machine B66LII_horizontal grinder DemoDay_Drone Shot FP66 horizontal grinder coloring mulch_DemoDay_angled_w people

Since our founding in 1990, Rotochopper has been dedicated to providing our partners with high-quality industrial grinders capable of converting waste into profit. Along with our unwavering commitment to customers’ success and our factory-direct business model, the secret of Rotochopper’s success is our spirit of innovation. Rotochopper industrial grinders, combine cutting-edge technology with a rugged, dependable design to minimize downtime, maximize efficiency, and open new and exciting revenue streams to businesses across the industrial waste landscape—from tree removal to concrete waste management.

Your Partner in Industrial Waste Management

At Rotochopper, we believe a successful business relationship is founded on mutual understanding, fairness, and generosity. When businesses partner with us, they’re not just contracting a company for equipment—they’re establishing a long-term partnership that encompasses everything from initial consultation to product selection and maintenance.

Rotochopper’s approach to customer partnership and sales stems from our roots in local, family-owned farming. Fred Peltz and Vince Hundt, Rotochopper’s co-founders, got their start repairing, maintaining, and managing industrial equipment on Midwest farms. Both men saw an opportunity to innovate existing technology to make the industrial agriculture and construction industries more profitable and environmentally friendly. Given their history in agriculture, the pair understood the value of working with small businesses and likeminded individuals, and they set out to establish a company that put solutions above its bottom line.

Expert Service for Industry Veterans

In the decades since our founding, we have expanded our service team to include industry experts from across the country. Today, we have factory-direct sales and service teams that support the entirety of the United States and Canada.

Rotochopper is a factory-direct supplier: there’s no middleman between us and our partners. We engineer, test, build, and sell all our grinders on-site at our facility in St. Martin, Minnesota; we don’t outsource our work to others, and we don’t leave anything to chance. This unique business model means our sales team takes a consultive, rather than purely sales-focused, approach to our grinders.

Our sales representatives are veterans of the waste reduction industry and know our grinders inside and out—literally. They take the time to learn the specifics of our partners’ businesses, what they demand of their grinders, and the processes they can streamline or improve to maximize efficiency and profitability. Not every type of grinder will perform optimally for every operation, so our team consults directly with our customers to analyze their existing waste management system and develop a comprehensive, all-in-one grinding solution. Each Rotochopper unit is designed to fit seamlessly into any existing waste management system, eliminating compatibility-related downtime.

Even after we sell a grinder, our team stays at-the-ready to assist our partners with anything and everything related to their new equipment. Our comprehensive preventative maintenance program helps extend the lifespan of our grinders and minimizes downtime by addressing small concerns before they grow into larger problems. Our team even travels to the worksite to help train employees on the optimal use of our grinders.

Reliable Performance for the Toughest Applications

We pride ourselves on delivering grinders that produce usable and profitable end products on the first pass. Our grinders are built from the ground up to handle even the most abrasive feedstock with ease—from municipal solid waste and shingles to entire trees.

The core of a good grinder is its craftsmanship, but its features play a major role in how well it serves its intended purpose. Rotochopper grinders are equipped with a full suite of customizable features to suit the needs of each individual client, including the RotoLink® Remote Monitoring System, our rapid screen-change system, and our built-in colorizer.

RotoLink® Remote Management System

The RotoLink Remote Monitoring System allows operators to track a grinder’s vital metrics—including temperature, efficiency, and vibrations levels—from anywhere in the world. In addition to providing peace of mind to managers and equipment operators, the RotoLink system minimizes downtime by generating monthly machine health reports and prompting operators to check vital systems. The RotoLink system also enables operators and technicians to quickly respond to issues that may arise during the operation of the grinder, further improving efficiency.

Screen Change System

Rotochopper’s proprietary screen change system allows grinder operators to quickly switch between screens of different sizes and shapes without the need for special tools, fasteners, or heavy equipment. The system maximizes uptime, increasing the versatility and profitability of nearly any grinder system by allowing operators to produce different end products with a single grinder.

In addition to improving efficiency, our screen change system helps improve on-site safety conditions and prevent employee injuries. Our screens feature an integrated damage mitigation system designed to shear the bolts in the screen cam arms and force the grinder screen to fall away if it is struck with a hard, un-grindable object. This protects the screen—and the grinder at large—from incurring expensive damage and helps prevent debris from being ejected.

Built-In Colorizer

Every Rotochopper grinder can be outfitted with Rotochopper’s patented Generation II Colorizer, allowing operators to produce high-quality, colored landscaping mulch or playground chips. Unlike earlier systems, the Generation II Colorizer uses an additional colorizer spray bar to evenly color wood waste while increasing throughput and belt speed. By choosing a colorizer system as a component—rather than an expansion—of their grinder systems, businesses can eliminate the costs associated with purchasing and maintaining an external colorizer, saving time and money.

Keeping Things Running, No Matter What

When heavy machinery goes down, it’s usually because it needs to be repaired, replaced, or modified. Thus, the best way to maximize uptime is to minimize the wear and tear machines experience every day.

Rotochopper keeps use conditions in mind when we hit the drawing board. Our rugged, dependable grinders are designed to weather everyday use with ease. By utilizing features like our RotoLink monitoring system and preventative maintenance program, operators can maximize the lifespan of their equipment and keep their machines running at peak efficiency for longer.

When our grinders do need a tune-up, our specialized, in-house maintenance team is here to help. Our technicians travel to worksites and operations across the country to conduct routine maintenance, swap out specialty parts, and even educate operators on grinder safety.

Genuine Rotochopper parts can be ordered through our parts department experts, providing operators with the equipment they need to keep their machines running in the event of an unexpected equipment failure. We even offer educational resources in the form of Rotochopper University to help operators maintain their own equipment.

Expand Your Knowledge with Rotochopper University

Rotochopper University is a comprehensive educational resource designed to help our clients navigate the often-complicated world of industrial grinding and horizontal grinder maintenance. Through detailed instructional videos, project managers and machine operators alike learn the essential skills they need to maximize grinder uptime, boost operational efficiency, and increase profitability while ensuring their Rotochopper equipment is being used safely and as intended. The online University features videos on a wide range of topics, including how to change a grinder screen, how to change the hose on a color pump, how to use RotoLink, and more.

Back to the Old Grind

The core of Rotochopper has always been, and will always be, efficient and sustainable grinding. When we first broke into the horizontal grinding industry, we manufactured a hand fed electric pallet grinder that ground one pallet at time. Since then, we have expanded our offerings to address emerging issues and meet the needs of the wide variety of industries we serve.

Today, Rotochopper is a trusted authority in the world of industrial grinding and offers a wide array of shredders, conveyers, screeners, and horizontal grinders, including both diesel and electric models. We’ve established a trusted team of experts that know industrial grinders inside and out, drawing on decades of experience to design and implement high-quality, customizable grinding solutions for every client. Though we’ve grown through the decades, we’ve never lost sight of our core values of harmony, fairness, and generosity.

Looking to the Future

As the industrial grinding industry grows and evolves, Rotochopper will continue to innovate and provide comprehensive solutions to our partners. Currently, we are planning one of the largest ever expansions to our main facility, which will see the installation of two new work bays—one of which will be dedicated entirely to research and development. These bays will be used to repair and manufacture new, high-performing grinders and equipment, including our new B-66LII model.

By using and refining the latest and greatest industrial waste reduction technology, Rotochopper will continue to deliver impeccable customer service, efficient machine maintenance, and high-quality equipment to operations across the world.


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