The Benefits of a Track and Dolly System

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One of Rotochopper's large B66 machines is shown with a large track and dolly system.

When it comes to your horizontal grinding operation, every advantage that allows you to increase uptime should be utilized in order to maximize your business’s efficiency and potential product. When you partner with Rotochopper, one of the best options to consider when selecting your horizontal grinder is the Rotochopper track and dolly system.

Easy Transportation

Many times, horizontal grinders need to be loaded onto a standard lowboy trailer, a lengthy process which can cut into valuable production time. While a standard trailer system does allow you to transport your grinder on public roads, it leaves much to be desired when it comes to navigating the difficult terrain of a job site. Additional trailering equipment also brings added costs, license fees, and maintenance to your operation.

The Rotochopper track and dolly system equips eligible horizontal grinders with a set of crawler tracks that can be paired with a transport dolly for convenience and easy transport. Your horizontal grinder can be loaded onto the dolly and secured with hydraulic locking pins, making it ready for travel in a matter of minutes.

Increased Efficiency

The transport dolly offers the same ground clearance as a traditional lowboy trailer, adhering to local transport regulations, and it evenly distributes the weight of your grinder for secure transport. With the ability to easily take your grinder on highways and public roads, you’ll be able to increase the scope of your operation to tackle custom grinding jobs located further away. Especially if your operation frequently travels between multiple sites, Rotochopper’s track and dolly system reduces the time spent loading and unloading your equipment between jobs.


Even when not paired with a transport dolly, the crawler tracks of Rotochopper’s horizontal grinders offer plenty of advantages beyond their ease of transport. In just a few minutes, you’re able to take your operation from on-road to off-road. The crawler tracks allow your horizontal grinder to easily navigate over rough terrain and turn cramped corners of a job site without having to be manually loaded and unloaded.

For operations that frequently grind large amounts of material, Rotochopper’s crawler tracks provide some additional advantages. First, crawler tracks will allow you to move your grinder to the feedstock rather than cutting into your productivity by moving the feedstock to your grinder. Similarly, crawler tracks allow you to turn and move your discharge conveyor easily, mitigating the need to immediately move your end product as it is produced.

To learn more about the advantages of Rotochopper’s track and dolly system and how we can help you streamline your operation, get in touch with one of our sales representatives.

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