Benefits and Features of Rotochopper’s Screen Change System

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Man operating a Screen Change System from Rotochopper

When choosing a horizontal grinder, its grinding capabilities should be at the top of your list of considerations; however, it’s also important to examine the grinder’s ease of use and the maintenance required to produce your ideal end product. Rotochopper’s patented screen change system, the features of which allow for maximum uptime, is just one of the many benefits enjoyed by owners of Rotochopper horizontal grinders.

Ease of Use

While the screen systems of other horizontal grinders are often in hard-to-reach places that require additional equipment and extended time, Rotochopper’s grinding chamber is easily accessible from ground level. Changing your Rotochopper’s screens requires no purchase or use of any special tools or heavy lifting equipment. In fact, everything you’ll need, including the screen installation bracket, hydraulic cylinder, and screen hoist, is included with the horizontal grinder. Screens can be reliably changed by just one person—no assistance necessary—and the simple instructions can be accessed through Rotochopper University videos.

Minimal Downtime

Screen changes can be completed in as little as ten minutes, and because no special equipment is required, they can be performed right on the job site, allowing you to get back to grinding faster. The wide variety of screens and teeth options for your horizontal grinder allows you to identify and match your ideal end product size specifications. Whether your operation requires material to be pre-ground, or you need versatility to meet different industry standards, you can quickly switch to grinding at different specifications without having to waste valuable uptime with a lengthy screen change process.

Limits Damage

The screens of most horizontal grinders are held in place with bolts or fasteners. While secure, this leaves the screen and your grinder vulnerable to damage. Rotochopper screens are held in place with cam arms and pins, allowing the screen to fall away if the machine encounters an un-grindable object within your feedstock, all without compromising safety and grinding power. Not only does this limit the damage to your horizontal grinder screen, but it also reduces the risk of breakdowns that could cut into your productivity.

To learn more about Rotochopper’s patented screen change system or to find the screen that’s right for achieving your operation’s end product, contact your Rotochopper sales representative.

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