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A Rotochopper horizontal grinder outside on tarmac.

So, you’re looking to buy a horizontal grinder—how much should you budget for? The price of a horizontal grinder isn’t as straightforward as you may think. Depending on the buyer’s needs, the price can vary greatly.

Before you buy, it’s important to fully understand what results you’re looking to achieve. Do you have large amounts of feedstock that need to be processed quickly? Is overall size reduction your goal, or are you aiming to create a secondary product? Once you understand your operation’s goals, you can begin to examine the different factors that will affect the final, total price of a horizontal grinder.

Size and Horsepower

Regarding the size and horsepower of your horizontal grinder, consider your expectations for production and capacity. If you frequently grind a large amount of material at once or need your horizontal grinder to process dense feedstocks, a larger grinder with a high horsepower is the best choice.

While larger grinders are typically more expensive, it’s important to choose the right size for your operation. A grinder that’s too small for your feedstock, or production needs will slow your productivity, and a grinder that’s too large can quickly suck up profits with operational costs disproportionate to its use. However, if you expect your operation to grow, a preemptive purchase of a larger grinder may be worth the investment in the long run.

Electric vs. Diesel

In terms of initial purchase price, electric horizontal grinders are less expensive than diesel grinders. When compared to the often-changing price of diesel fuel and additional maintenance costs associated with diesel engines, an electric grinder can also significantly decrease operational costs over time. However, that doesn’t mean an electric grinder is automatically the best choice for your business.

Electric grinders do not offer the same mobility as diesel grinders. To reap the benefits of an electric grinder, your operation needs to be stationary so the electric grinder can access three-phase power. Additionally, if your commercial building is not already fitted with three-phase power, the price of installing it should be factored into your decision.

If your operation is equipped to handle the requirements needed for an electric grinder, it can amplify your profits. Learn more about whether an electric grinder is right for your operation.

RotoLink® and Other Features

Another factor that affects horizontal grinder price is the technological features that can be added to improve the grinder’s function and efficiency. Take Rotochopper’s remote monitoring system, RotoLink®, as an example. RotoLink® provides operators with the detailed telematics of their machine, including running and idle hours, maintenance alerts, and engine updates. Monitoring these factors can help operators utilize the grinder more efficiently, saving the company money.

Rotochopper constantly strives for innovation in the horizontal grinding industry, and we aim to provide our customers with personalized solutions that boost their productivity and profits. We offer a variety of other optional features to help streamline your operation, including:

With all this, it’s important to keep in mind: whether you’re purchasing a grinder to save money on tipping fees or create a secondary product, the initial cost will likely recoup itself through your savings or new profit source. The price of a horizontal grinder is a complex matter, and we don’t blame you if you want some expert advice while making your decision. Rotochopper is ready to help—contact a sales representative today to start a conversation about the price of your horizontal grinder.

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