Electric or Diesel Horizontal Grinders—Which is Right for Your Operation?

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ec256 electric horizontal grinder

From the model type to the infeed size and down to the shape of the screens, there is no shortage of factors that need to be examined when choosing the right horizontal grinder for your operation. While understanding your feedstock size , throughput needs and your desired end product all play a part in your grinder decision;  one of the most important things to consider is whether you should make your investment in a diesel or electric horizontal grinder.

The best option depends on your capabilities and needs, so take these factors into account to ensure you’re making the right choice for your operation.

The Benefits of Electric vs. Diesel Horizontal Grinders

When it comes to the advantages of an electric horizontal grinder over a diesel one, it’s important to know there is no difference in the quality of the finished product. Whether using traditional diesel or electric, all of Rotochopper’s horizontal grinders deliver the consistently-sized product you need to meet your industry’s standards. Additionally, both electric and diesel Rotochopper grinders are completely compatible with our Colorizer System.

However, with changing emission laws, many operators are making the switch from diesel to electric, and it’s easy to see why. If your operation is equipped to handle it, electric horizontal grinders offer multiple money-saving advantages over diesel grinders.

The price of electricity when compared to the price of diesel fuel can significantly lower the cost of operation, especially over a long period of time. Diesel fuel costs fluctuate frequently, while the price of electricity remains relatively static. Additionally, electric motors tend, on average, to last longer than diesel engines.

Because electric grinders don’t require the upkeep associated with diesel engines—replacing filters, oil, and other necessary fluids—maintenance costs shrink, and downtime is minimized, allowing your operation to devote more of its time to producing your ideal product.

Factors to Consider


Most of the benefits provided by electric grinders are only applicable if your operation is stationary, as electric grinders need access to power. They’re easily integrated into conveyor systems and ideal for grinding operations that are set up indoors.


The main advantage offered by diesel horizontal grinders over their electric counterparts is the portability of diesel machines. If your operation requires work outside or frequently moves between different job sites, diesel is likely the choice for you, and your grinder can be easily be transported with Rotochopper’s track and dolly system.

Power Supply

Electric horizontal grinders require a larger power supply—three-phase power. Many commercial buildings are already equipped with three-phase power, but if your operation is not, factor the price of installation into the initial cost of your horizontal grinder. That said, even with the cost of installing three-phase power, the cost-saving benefits of an electric grinder still add up.

View our complete selection of diesel horizontal grinders and electric horizontal grinders online. If you have questions about the horizontal grinder that’s right for your operation, reach out to one of our expert Rotochopper sales representatives.

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