Track B-66 Now Available With Transport Dolly

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b66 track dolly disconnecting

The Rotochopper track-mounted B-66 is now available with a removable transport dolly, eliminating the need for a trailer. The dolly can be quickly removed to go from transport to grinding in minutes.

The cost-saving benefits of crawler tracks & the convenience of tires

Rotochopper B-66 Track with Transport Dolly.

The track-mounted Rotochopper B-66 is now available with an optional transport dolly for highway transportation, eliminating the need for a trailer.

  • Same ground clearance as a standard lowboy trailer

  • Quick removal and re-coupling

  • Can be configured to different transport regulations around the world

Transport Dolly Removed for Operation.The transport dolly can be quickly uncoupled to go from transport to operation within minutes. Four hydraulically actuated locking pins secure the dolly for transport and quickly retract to allow fast dolly removal. To re-couple the dolly, the operator simply drives the B-66 over the dolly and extends the locking pins. Domed guide rails provide ease of alignment as the B-66 is moved in place above the dolly. Tapered ends on the locking pins allow proper coupling without exact alignment. Once secured, the dolly lifts the B-66 to achieve the same clearance as provided by a lowboy trailer. A track-mounted B-66 without this optional transport dolly can be transported on a standard lowboy trailer.

Transport Dolly in Place.The B-66 is available with either 600 mm or 500 mm crawler tracks. Trailer lighting and bumpers can be configured to different transport regulations. The track-mounted B-66 and the standard axle-mounted B-66 can be equipped with several Rotochopper exclusives, including an
on-board colorizer and our bale processing systems. A comparable electric-powered model (B-66 E) provides the same “Perfect In One Pass” particle size control in stationary or semi-portable configurations.

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To learn how a track-mounted B-66 with a transport dolly can cut your handling costs and maximize your uptime, give us a call or contact your regional Rotochopper rep for more information.

B-66 Track with Removable Transport Dolly.

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