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rmt hammermill front open screen
Rotochopper, Inc. introduces new two-stage fine-grinding systems for producing 1-pass pellet stock, animal bedding, and other short-fiber end products from raw wood fiber or ag residue, such as sorted C & D and round corn stover bales.

Rotochopper RMT Hammermill.
For operations needing efficient fine-grinding solutions for wood fiber and agricultural residue, Rotochopper, Inc. now offers two-stage grinding systems. Combining the versatility of Rotochopper horizontal grinders with the fine grinding efficiency of hammermills, these two-stage systems provide single-pass finished products for various short-fiber applications:

  • Pellet Fuels

  • Animal Bedding

  • Briquettes & Pucks

  • Suspension Burners

Turnkey Fine Grinding Solutions

Rotochopper EC-266 Electric-Powered Grinder. Rotochopper RMT Hammermill. Hammermill Finished Product Sample.
Primary Grinder
1-Pass Finished Product

For many short-fiber applications, a Rotochopper two-stage fine-grinding system can conveniently process wood fiber and ag residue to final specs in a single pass. In the first grinding stage, the horizontal grinder efficiently takes raw materials down to a proper size for final processing. The in-line hammermill then quickly refines the material down to final specs without any additional handling.

Finely ground wood fiber.Versatile Fine Grinding Capacity

The versatility of Rotochopper horizontal grinders allows these two-stage systems to meet demanding short-fiber specs from a wide range of raw materials:

  • Pallets

  • Round or square bales

  • Sorted C & D

  • Bulk ag residue, such as corn cobs

Known for advanced particle size control, our horizontal grinders optimize final grinding efficiency to maintain steady output according to engineered fiber specifications.

EC-266 Processing Round Bales of Ag Residue.Exclusive Features

Unique features of Rotochopper horizontal grinders maximize your uptime and finished product control. Our patented slab ramp controls material flow into the grinding chamber for steady throughput and optimal efficiency. Each of our horizontal grinders features an aggressive infeed system that maintains even feed rates with different raw materials, from stringy switchgrass bales to bulky C & D. Our patented screen installation system allows fast screen and tooth changes to match different feedstocks and finished product specs. The ability to conveniently fine tune primary particle size increases hammermill efficiency, while reducing hammer and screen wear because material exits the hammermill with less circulation across the screens.

Hammermill features

RMT Hammermill with Access Door Open.

Designed for ease of operation and maintenance, Rotochopper hammermills minimize maintenance downtime to keep your operation on top of production schedules and finished product specs:

  • Sliding access doors offer fast mill access from both sides, even in cramped installations.
  • Wide range of mill sizes and horsepower ensures optimal efficiency for feedstock volume and consistency.
  • Bi-directional mill rotation extends hammer life without manually reversing hammers.
  • Screen stops/seals prevent mill housing wear.
  • Flow decelerator zone promotes active grinding for efficient throughput and reduced screen wear.

Two-Stage System Options

  • Bale pre-processing system separates whole round or square bales into an even flow to the grinding chamber to maximize efficiency.
  • Surge hopper with agitator ensures steady flow to the hammermill from the primary grinder.
  • Dust hoods control dust for a cleaner operating environment.
  • Magnetic head pulley separates ferrous metal prior to the hammermill.
  • Cross-belt magnetic conveyor provides even greater metal removal capacity than a magnetic head pulley.

The results you need from your raw materials

For many applications, our horizontal grinders can achieve finished product specs in a single pass without screening, even from compositionally diverse feedstocks like corn stover bales and sorted construction and demolition debris. For applications needing particularly fine end products, Rotochopper two-stage systems provide unmatched single-pass efficiency.

Need to produce short-fiber material from high-moisture feedstocks like green round wood? Our unique Biomass Rotor can produce dryer-ready short-fiber material from green logs in a single pass.

For more information, give us a call or contact your regional Rotochopper rep.

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