Why Would I Choose an Electric Horizontal Grinder?

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Rotochopper electric horizontal grinder

Sustainable practices have become increasingly popular as environmental awareness grows, expanding the capabilities of waste reduction equipment on the market. More companies are making the switch from diesel to electric equipment, and electric-powered heavy equipment is becoming more readily available.

At Rotochopper, our electric horizontal grinders offer the same reliability as all our diesel waste reduction equipment, as well as a few distinct advantages. If you’re considering purchasing a new horizontal grinder or replacing an old one, an electric grinder may be a good fit for your business.

Features of Rotochopper Electric Horizontal Grinders

Rotochopper’s selection of electric horizontal grinders includes the B-66 E, EC-366, EC-256, and SB-24E. Each of our electric grinders is designed to tackle the toughest feedstocks without compromising size consistency and uptime.


Rotochopper electric grinders are designed to optimize your operation and maximize your uptime. Our electric grinders come equipped with optional systems to reduce amperage surge during start-up, decreasing your overhead. When you choose an electric grinder, your maintenance costs may also decrease, as traditional diesel engine upkeep is unnecessary.

When paired with RotoLink, our electric grinders allow your team access to detailed telematics and diagnostics, further maximizing the efficiency of your operation.


Unlike diesel engines, electric grinders are not dependent on costly and ever-fluctuating fuel prices. The price of electricity remains relatively static throughout the year, allowing you to better plan your budget and project operational costs.


Using electric grinders reduces job site noise significantly, making for a much more pleasant work environment. Though noise protection is recommended for staff regardless of the noise level, an electric grinder can help keep decibel levels at a minimum and protect the hearing of everyone on the job site.

Electric vs. Diesel Grinders

When choosing between an electric and diesel grinder, the right choice will depend on a few key operational factors.

The Location of Your Operation

Electric grinders are best suited to operations with a fixed location, as they need access to electricity. If you frequently take on custom grinding jobs or travel to sites, a portable diesel grinder may be the better choice.

Your Operation’s Power Supply

Electric grinders don’t need traditional diesel engine upkeep—but they do require access to three-phase power systems. If your commercial building isn’t already equipped, talk with your electric company about upgrading.

Your Material Handling Process

Due to their reliance on power, electric grinders do not have the same portability as diesel grinders. If your material handling process rarely changes and stems from a fixed point, an electric grinder may be a viable choice.

Cost-Effective Waste Reduction with Rotochopper Inc.

Rotochopper’s horizontal grinders, powered by traditional diesel or the latest electric technology, flawlessly produce consistently sized products to abide by industry-specific requirements. Contact us to speak to our experts about which horizontal grinding solutions may be right for you.




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