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Rotochopper equipment being used to recycle wood waste

As one of the many markets Rotochopper serves, we know processing municipal solid waste can be challenging and time-consuming. Our horizontal grinders are essential tools for the landfill, waste reduction, and recycling industries, handling abrasive material streams that require efficient processing.

Through Rotochopper’s innovation, we’ve developed equipment that’s capable of reliably processing municipal solid waste while remaining energy efficient. Our electric and diesel horizontal grinders and shredders reduce municipal solid waste into more manageable sizes, benefiting both garbage and recycling facilities across the country.

Lowering Waste Costs Despite Rising Prices of Landfill Space

The cost of landfill space is an ongoing concern for both landfill and recycling facilities. Horizontal grinders and shredders can reduce the size of the waste stream, keeping costs low, as well as sorting feedstock for possible use as raw material. With equipment from Rotochopper, landfills and other establishments can significantly reduce the volume of their waste and speed up the rate of decomposition.

The Rotochopper High-Abrasion Package

Rotochopper’s High-Abrasion package is designed with the recycler in mind—specifically, those dealing with asphalt shingles, yard waste, and municipal solid waste. With purpose-built grinding chambers, high abrasion wear is directed towards replaceable wear parts instead of the chamber walls. This reduces the need for maintenance and increases uptime, allowing you to remain efficient despite tackling abrasive feedstocks.

Grinders equipped with this package offer premium quality in high abrasion size reduction for garbage and recycling operations, as well as low operating costs per ton. As such, Rotochopper’s High-Abrasion package provides long-lasting value and consistent results, job after job.

The Rotochopper DK Shredders

Rotochopper delivers advanced solutions for waste processing and offers options to fit your needs. In particular, our DK Shredders can be configured with rotor options to meet your needs, ensuring alignment with your raw material and providing optimal production rates. Equipped with a double tilting hopper system and open shredding table to optimize material feeding, the 75 and 95 DK Shredders tackle waste with superior efficiency and turn time into money for those in the waste industry.

The Rotochopper Advantage

At Rotochopper, we’ve been producing top-of-the-line horizontal grinding and waste reduction equipment for over three decades. As a factory direct company, our sales representatives have the expertise to help you find the right equipment for your needs.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you improve your operational efficiency and profitability.

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