Rotochopper University: Adjusting the Slab Ramp on a Rotochopper B-66

| Rotochopper University

In this Rotochopper University video, Rotochopper Customer Service Manager, Adam Asmus shows you how to adjust the slab ramp on a Rotochopper B-66. This same process can be used to set the slab ramp on all Rotochopper grinders with a slab ramp. The slab ramp allows you control the feed rate of pliable feedstocks that can plug other grinders almost instantly. The highest slab ramp position is required for highly pliable feedstocks like green slab wood, agriculture residue, wet string bark and small diameter round wood. Lower pliability feedstocks, such as pallets, sorted C & D, large diameter round wood, and wood chips require lower slab ramp positions. In less than 5 minutes you can adjust the slab ramp in your grinder and achieve steady uptime for your grinding operation. Still have questions? Contact Rotochopper customer service below.


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