Our Customers Say It Best: With Tom Gardner

| Customer Success

Tom Gardner, Hay Creek Pallet, Pittsville, WI initially discovered Rotochopper because they were looking for a solution to their wood waste problem. They are a pallet rebuilder and had a product that they needed to get rid of or find a market for. One of the features they really love our Rotochopper is the option to grind and color at the same time. Changing products is easy with the screen change system on our Rotochopper grinder. It’s a really versatile machine and has allowed Hay Creek to expand into other markets.

Tom said, “We started out making colored landscape mulch, moved into animal bedding and now we are also producing wood fuel pellets. Our Rotochopper has really helped us get the product to the right size for what the customer wants.”

“Ever since we purchased our first Rotochopper, they know you by name every time you call, and they know your machine. It’s really like a family. They’re all about the customer service. We can call them almost 24/7 while we’re running our Rotochopper, and they have someone who can answer the questions no matter what material we are grinding,” said Gardner.

Tom says, “If you were thinking about purchasing a Rotochopper, I’d tell you it’s about the customer service. They have exemplary customer service and if you do have a problem, they’ll get you the parts quickly.  The customer service is one of the reasons that I have stuck with Rotochopper. No other company that I deal with is as good at customer service as Rotochopper is.”

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